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Filming in the Arctic

May 1, 2009

I watched Stargate:Continuum last night. The coolest part was the extra feature about filming on the Arctic ice pack in Northern Alaska.

The Prisoner online

January 9, 2009

You can watch all thirteen episodes of the 1967 series The Prisoner online.

Very cool.

Today’s political talk shows

July 13, 2008

Fox News Sunday did a tribute to its first host, the late Tony Snow.
NPR commentator Juan Williams’ memories were the most personal and it was obvious that he missed his good friend.

Meet the Press was on at 9, instead of 10.
This reduced his competition to the extremely low rated George Swaythepopulas show on ABC. The show is still trying to find its feet and I get the impression that NBC wants to keep the the show below the radar until they find a host to take over long term.

On CNN‘s Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer is acting more like a member of liberal democrat Barak Obama’s campaign staff instead of a reporter.

Cool bit of geekness

June 14, 2008

I was watching Doctor Who on the SciFi channel and noticed that one of the characters has been at least two other Doctor Who episodes.

The first one was Inferno, from the 3rd Doctor era. He played the administrator of the drill site.

Second was from the 4th Doctor era, he played the theater owner in “The Talons of Weng Chiang.”

The episode last night was with the 10th Doctor, where he played the husband of a British noblewoman in the 1920s.

A quick IMDB search shows that actor is Christopher Benjamin.

IBDB doesn’t list his role in Inferno, but the Wikipedia entry for the episode has it.

It really is that bad

May 15, 2008

BloodRayne is on SciFi tonight. It really is that bad.

Tolerant liberal in action

May 28, 2007

Except, they are not tolerant if you dare to disagree with them.
By way of Hot Air, is this New York Post story:

Yesterday, Rosie’s chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly escorted from the building after she was caught drawing moustaches on photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in the “View” studios.

The Post’s Adam Buckman reports ABC confirmed in a statement only that “photographs at ‘The View’s’ offices were defaced. Rosie O’Donnell was not in the building. ABC Legal and Human Resources are investigating the matter.” Barber is an old friend of O’Donnell who worked with her years ago on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.”

There were also rumors O’Donnell was so angry after her argument with Hasselbeck that she trashed her dressing room, although ABC denied the tantrum.

Yet another Star Trek series rumor

April 7, 2007

Star Trek: Cardinal. Here is the scoop from Slice of SciFi:

If Sal Lagonia, president and producer of Project: Cardinal, a whole new concept in Trek lore, has his way that possiblity seems promising with “Star Trek: Cardinal.” While Lagonia admits to having no prior experience as a producer, he does claim to be a semi-professional screenwriter, having “done a great deal of production work for various series and movies, as well as owning a film degree,” according to the project’s creator.

His attempt at revitalizing the 40 year franchise back on to the small screen will concentrate on the crew of the USS Cardinal, a small vessel which is charged with the unglorified job of maintaining the Ferengi border, a small rectangle that also happens to connect the Romulans to the Cardassians in a smugglers corridor. The crew would be charged with chasing criminals and would-be invaders.

If this were the be all and end all to the series, some Trek fans might burn the studio down in protest. However, it is not the be all and end all. The creator of this unique concept is not just giving the crew a mission and leaving it to the writers to decide what random aliens they will encounter every week. Instead, the crew of the Cardinal is inadvertently placed in the center of events that will change the entire galaxy.

From the very beginning, the crew is faced with mysteries that don’t have solutions, mysteries that are causing powers to challenge other powers. The Federation Starship USS Cardinal is placed in the unenviable position of stopping a war, something that becomes increasingly harder until they are no longer able to accomplish that particular mission and war becomes inevitiable.