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Another example of "liberal logic"

September 26, 2008

Code Pink is “declaring victory” and stopping their protests at the USMC recruiting station in Berkeley.

Here is the kicker, apparently the word “Victory” means something different to the hard far left extremist moonbats of “Code Pink.”

As the nice folks at This Ain’t Hell point out, the US Marines are still there.

In fact, the USMC intends on staying to at least the end of the three year lease they have on the office space.

Protest Shooter has pictures of the rather tiny “victory celebration.” Note that the “Code Pink” moonbats are also 9/11 Troofer moonbats too boot!

He also has a link to a cool shirt.

For those still drinking the WTC7 Troofer Kool-Aid ™

August 21, 2008

“W.T.C. 7 Brought Down by Fire, Not Explosives, Report Says.”

“Heating of floor beams and girders caused a critical support column to fail… video and photographic evidence combined with detailed computer simulations show that neither explosives nor fuel oils played a rule in the collapse of that brought the building down.”

Those barking moonbat troofers haven’t let reality effect their thinking so far, so this probably isn’t going to slow them down.

HT to Ms. Althouse.

Troofer rules for non-logic

November 5, 2007

By way of the Bronze Blog comes Troofer/Twoofer Rules:

1. Ad hominem is the basis of all reality: Broadest form of pretty much all these other rules: Who you are makes your argument valid, not the internal logic or physical evidence.

2. Evil = Power: Because Bush is evil enough to do something, there’s no need to prove that the laws of physics would allow him to do that something. No need to worry about the administrative nightmare of managing thousands of rogue ninja demolition crews, either.

3. Anonnies and people with pseudonyms are automatically wrong because they might possibly have something vaguely resembling a government connection. Therefore, if a conspiracy skeptic posting under a blog name, rather than his real name, says the sky is blue, then obviously it must not be. Exception: Twoofers who use fake names, after all, they’re the only people who have something honest to protect, and they’re the only people on the entire surface of the Earth who don’t want death threats sent to their snail mail address or government suppression squads at their front door or office.

4. Using your real name = Infinity Plus One times your normal credibility. Being ridiculed by snail mail or physical presence when someone figures out where you live boosts your credibility level far more than email or forum ridicule because Galileo didn’t have an email address.

5. People who are standing up against The Man are automatically right. Outspoken liberal skeptics who berate government officials for trampling on science, trying to get Intelligent Design in schools, employing various ineffective or even counterproductive “War on [Concept]” measures, destroy civil rights, engage in historical revisionism, or whatever aren’t doing enough: They have to sit on their rears talking/posting about being certain of the government using Orbital R-9 Wave Cannons in order to count as being opposed to the administration. Anything less, and they’re exactly as loyal as any Bush crony, and thus automatically wrong.

6. If it doesn’t sound like a TV/movie plot, it’s not realistic. There’s ALWAYS a frame-up, an “unexpected” plot twist, or whatever. If the evidence is rock solid, that just means the guy doing the framing/set up/whatever is more elaborate about the level of evidence he plants.

Go read it there, it has links and more rules in the comments.

Spread the Truth!

October 3, 2007

Spread the Truth about the Titanic!

It makes about as much sense as the crap put out by the Troofer Moonbats (and frighteningly large number of liberals eat that with a spoon).

HT to John Groth!

No wonder stations are dropping their feed…

September 21, 2007

“Air America” is spreading hate speech in the form of Troofer moonbat rantings.
BoreAmerica has the story:

Air America Radio’s new “Clout” program – hosted by nobody Richard Greene, located at, and heard late evenings in cow pastures throughout Karnes, TX and elsewhere – apparently will feature the continuing presence of “Truthers”, sources say. Previously, ex-AARer, ex-cutie, and troubled “liberal” Janeane Garofalo seemed to claim that 9/11 was an inside job. And, Randi Rhodes hinted at LIHOP. Ex-AARer and joke Senatorial candidate Al Franken pledged to “take a look” at a Truther video. Jerry Springer could not be reached for comment.

Speaking troof to stupidity

September 19, 2007

The Varmint does it:

Neurotics build castles in the air.

Psychoitcs live in them.

Retards think Bush & Halifburton destroyed the castle in a controled demolition.

Catching up…

September 18, 2007

While I catch up on the news, here is a foursome from News Busters for you.

1. Kudos to liberal political comic Bill Maher for telling the Troofer Moonbats that they need to up their meds.

2. Keith Olbermann admits that MSNBC has a liberal bias. File under, “No Shit.”

3. “Global Warming Is All Jane Fonda’s Fault”, so sayth the NY Times.

4. Alan Greenspan: I Never Said Iraq War Was About Oil

The question of the day

September 11, 2007

Where were you when you heard?

HT to Ed Driscoll who has a question for the Troofer moonbats.

What it takes to be Troofer

September 10, 2007

John Ross lists some of the mental gymnastics required to drink the 9/11 Conspiracy Kool-Aid:

First, you’d have to believe that the U.S. Government — seemingly incapable of keeping even mundane national security programs off the front page of the New York Times — orchestrated a hermetically sealed coverup of epic proportions.

Second, you’d have to believe that Sandy Berger’s destruction of classified 9/11 documents was unrelated to the Clinton administration’s ignorance of and incompetence at deterring terrorists.

Third, you’d have to ignore Usama bin Laden’s self-proclaimed involvement with 9/11 and his assertion that the attacks caught the United States completely by surprise. In effect, you’d have to believe that bin Laden lied and people died — all to benefit the Bush administration.