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BHO Teleprompter upgrade

March 25, 2009

If you look at the carefully edited photographs of our Dear Leader last night posted by CNN and MSNBC, you’ll quickly notice what’s missing.

His teleprompter screens.

BHO addiction to his teleprompter, and his gaffe filled stuttering speaking style, without it have been noted by those who pay even the slightest bit of attention.

Red State points out the truth. Our Dear Leader didn’t go teleprompter cold turkey. His teleprompter was “upgraded to a full-size plasma screen at the back of the room from which to read his remarks.”

Jeff Emanuel nails it:

Look, you can give him (or his handlers) credit for realizing what a story the glass plates the supposedly-articulate president had become utterly dependent on to make anything remotely resembling a coherent public address. However, you can’t give them credit, as so many are trying to do this morning, for ditching the scripting altogether, any more than you can give a kid credit for no longer cheating on a test because he scrubbed the answers off of his forearm and instead brought them to class on a piece of poster board.

The illusion that Obama is a skilled speaker is rapidly fading.