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The political theater of the absurd

May 4, 2009

How else do you describe our Dear Leader going on TV with the Tax Cheat he put in charge of the US Treasury Department, so they could describe how they are going after offshore tax havens?

I don’t give this good odds of getting through Congress. It’s a fairly safe bet that a majority of the Senate and good chunk of the House have some of their own money sheltered from US taxes in those offshore tax havens. I’m pretty sure both of my Senators, the convicted felon and the admitted war criminal, are avoiding their fair share of taxes that way.

A Tax Day Video

April 15, 2008

While you pay your fair share and probably plus some, here is a video that points out how rich elitist liberals avoid paying their taxes while demanding that you pay more.

democrats: The party of the extremely rich…

November 6, 2007

…and they are using their bought and paid for democrat congresscritters to stay that way. By way of Ed Driscoll and Ace of Spades HQ come this article from the Financial Times.

A legislative proposal that was once on the fast track is suddenly dead. The Senate will not consider a plan to extract billions in extra taxes from megamillionaire hedge fund managers.

The decision by Senate majority leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat, surprised many Washington insiders, who saw the plan as appealing to the spirit of class warfare that infuses the Democratic party. Liberal disappointment in Mr Reid was palpable at media outlets such as USA Today, where an editorial chastised: “The Democrats, who control Congress and claim to represent the middle and lower classes, ought to be embarrassed.”

Far from embarrassing, this episode may reflect a dawning Democratic awareness of whom they really represent. For the demographic reality is that, in America, the Democratic party is the new “party of the rich”. More and more Democrats represent areas with a high concentration of wealthy households. Using Internal Revenue Service data, the Heritage Foundation identified two categories of taxpayers – single filers with incomes of more than $100,000 and married filers with incomes of more than $200,000 – and combined them to discern where the wealthiest Americans live and who represents them.

Democrats now control the majority of the nation’s wealthiest congressional jurisdictions. More than half of the wealthiest households are concentrated in the 18 states where Democrats control both Senate seats.

This new political demography holds true in the House of Representatives, where the leadership of each party hails from different worlds. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, represents one of America’s wealthiest regions. Her San Francisco district has more than 43,700 high-end households. Fewer than 7,000 households in the western Ohio district of House Republican leader John Boehner enjoy this level of affluence.

John Edward’s America

May 20, 2007

The America that John Edwards lives in, and doesn’t want you in, includes “a $480,000 part-time job as a consultant to an investment firm that keeps its hedge funds in the Cayman Islands as a tax shelter for its clients.” “Mr. Edwards said […] that if he’s elected President he’ll still try to abolish offshore tax shelters.”

Senator Edwards – Tax Dodger

July 13, 2004

The liberal democrat millionaire Senator set up a Subchapter S corporation, with himself as the sole shareholder, in order to hide 90% of his income from Medicare taxes.