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The political theater of the absurd

May 4, 2009

How else do you describe our Dear Leader going on TV with the Tax Cheat he put in charge of the US Treasury Department, so they could describe how they are going after offshore tax havens?

I don’t give this good odds of getting through Congress. It’s a fairly safe bet that a majority of the Senate and good chunk of the House have some of their own money sheltered from US taxes in those offshore tax havens. I’m pretty sure both of my Senators, the convicted felon and the admitted war criminal, are avoiding their fair share of taxes that way.

Marion Barry, tax cheat

March 27, 2009

Former democrat D.C. Mayor, and former crackhead, Marion Barry has joined the ranks of many prominent democrats.

He is, like our Dear Leader’s Secretary of the Treasury, a tax cheat.

According to the Washington Post, Barry “owes the federal government more than $277,000 in back taxes and skipped at least six months of recent payments on taxes owed to the D.C. government, according to federal authorities.”

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A question of competence.

March 11, 2009

Pejman Yousefzadeh writes about what he calls “The Great Vetting Disaster” that has been the Obama administration.

2009 is the anti-2008 for Team Obama. Whereas, last year, the Obama campaign was able to demonstrate its supreme competence at running a campaign, raising money, and using technology to further Barack Obama’s political goals and personal ambitions, once Team Obama moved into the White House, it seemed that its hold on managerial competence disappeared. Thus, we have a Treasury Secretary whose tax delinquencies were not discovered by the Obama vetting system, and who is Home Alone at the Treasury Department because the White House can’t get its nominees confirmed quickly enough to provide the Treasury Secretary the personnel support he needs to deal with the greatest economic crisis since the recession of the early 1980s.

Add to the list the numerous Team BHO picks who have had to drop out over non-payment of taxes.

And in the latest personnel snafu, the selection of Charles Freeman as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Counsel has been withdrawn.

Ahhh…Freeman, a bought and paid for asset of the House of Saud who said the Communist Chinese government was too soft on the students protesting for democracy at Tiananmen Square. Personally, I think he was a perfect pick for the Obama administration.
There is more detail on this insightful selection of our Dear Leader.

Yet another Obama Cabinet pick who doesn’t pay taxes!

March 2, 2009

This time it’s former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, our Dear Leader‘s choice for U.S. Trade Representative.

It’s clear why democrats don’t worry about raising taxes, since they don’t plan on paying them anyway!

BHO picks another democrat who doesn’t pay taxes!

February 6, 2009

This time it is his nominee for Secretary of Labor, democrat Hilda Solis.
Compared to the tax cheat now running the Treasury Department, her nonpayment is small change, but this is a definite pattern of liberal democrats who want to rise your taxes and mine through the roof, but don’t bother paying theirs.

Let’s review the list:

Charles Rangel
Timothy Geithner
Nancy Killefer
Tom Daschle
Hilda Solis

What do they all have in common? Well, they are all far left liberal democrats who want to raise taxes but won’t pay them.

Another tax cheat on Obama’s staff

February 1, 2009

He sure can pick ’em. First a Treasury Sec. that cheats on his taxes, and now democrat former Senator Tom Daschle not only didn’t report income, but lied about making charitable deductions. This could be the new definition of lowlife scumbag taxcheat. Good enough for our Dear Leader though.

I’m starting to think that a big chuck of the budget deficit could be taken care of simply by getting democrats to actually pay their taxes.

Rep. Rangel’s ethics

December 9, 2008

It seems that democrat Rep. Charles Rangel not only has problems obeying the tax laws he helps write, but his ethics are a bit shaky too.

Between 2004 and 2007, Rep. Charles Rangel steered nearly $80,000 in campaign cash to an Internet company run by his son — paying lavishly for a pair of political websites so poorly designed an expert estimated one should have cost no more than $100 to create.

The payments are apparently legal under federal law, but their disclosure raises new questions about the Ways and Means Committee chairman as he faces House ethics committee probes into his failure to pay taxes on rental income and his alleged use of House stationery to solicit contributions for a public policy center that bears his name.

More on Rangel’s tax scandel

November 25, 2008

New York democrat Charles Rangel is still in trouble with his tax crimes.

Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel took a “homestead” tax break on a Washington, DC, house for years while simultaneously occupying multiple rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, possibly violating laws and regulations in both cases.