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The Reality of Socialism summed up…

December 15, 2007

From Yahoo News, we get this interesting look into the dark heart of Socialism:

A video of a Gucci- and Louis Vuitton-clad politician attacking capitalism then struggling to explain how his luxurious clothes square with his socialist beliefs has become an instant YouTube hit in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Interior Minister Pedro Carreno was momentarily at a loss for words when a journalist interrupted his speech and asked if it was not contradictory to criticize capitalism while wearing Gucci shoes and a tie made by Parisian luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton.

“I don’t, uh … I … of course,” stammered Carreno on Tuesday…”

Leftist crushing of decent

November 2, 2007

The darling of the American far left extremists, Hugo Chavez, is preceding on his path to turn his country into a Socialist Hell hole. Complete with the crushing of any opposition.

Soldiers used tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannons to scatter tens of thousands who massed Thursday to protest constitutional reforms that would permit Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to run for re-election indefinitely.

Led by university students, protesters chanted “Freedom! Freedom!” and warned that 69 amendments drafted by the Chavista-dominated National Assembly would violate civil liberties and derail democracy.

It was the biggest turnout against Chavez in months, and appeared to revive Venezuela’s languid opposition at a time when the president seems as strong as ever. Students promised more street demonstrations over the weekend, but no opposition-led protests were planned for Friday.

“This is a dictatorship masked as democracy,” said Jorge Rivas, an 18- year-old student. “Chavez wants our country to be like Cuba, and we’re not going to allow that to occur.”

Authorities broke up the protest outside the headquarters of the country’s electoral council, reporting that six police officers and one student were injured. But students said dozens of protesters were hurt during the melee. The local Globovision television network broadcast footage of several police beating an unarmed protester with billy clubs.

Speaking Truth to Tranzi Power

October 29, 2007

Kudos to Tom Lantos (D-CA), yes a democrat, for giving a needed verbal bitch slap to the socialists/Transnational Progressives that make up the excuse for a Dutch government.

…The Dutch sent these politicians here to bitch about Gitmo. No reporter attended a meeting between the Dutch and the congressman, but AP wrote a story based on Green Party legislator Mariko Peters.

The Dutch are threatening to remove their 1,600 troops from Afghanistan to protest Gitmo. Dutch politicians face growing problems with Islamic youths and likely fear a L’Intifada like France suffered in 2005.

Peters said: “We have to close Guantanamo because it symbolizes for me everything that is wrong with this war on terror.”

To which Lantos apparently replied: “Europe was not as outraged by Auschwitz as by Guantanamo Bay”

I’m expecting the moonbat Kos Kiddies to start calling for his destruction over this departure from the far hard left extremist orthodoxy.

HT to Ace of Spades HQ

Anti-Chavez protests in Venezuela.

October 25, 2007

The Socialist President there isn’t too popular with the people it seems.

Bizarre bedfellows

October 19, 2007

One thing that has always puzzled me is the really bizarre relationship between hard core “Greens” and flat out Communist and Socialist Reds. Given that Communist governments routinely commit ecological atrocities on a vast scale, it makes you wonder just how sane hard cord Greens really are.

The Chavez economy

September 3, 2007

Let us review how the darling of the Left, Socialist thug Hugo Chavez is flushing the economy of Venezuela down the toilet. Bloomberg reports:

While Venezuela earns record proceeds from oil exports, consumers face shortages of meat, flour and cooking oil. Annual inflation has risen to 16 percent, the highest in Latin America, as President Chavez tripled government spending in four years. Exxon Mobil Corp. and ConocoPhillips are pulling out after Chavez demanded they cede control of joint venture projects.

The currency, the bolivar, has tumbled 30 percent this year to 4,850 per dollar on the black market, the only place it trades freely because of government controls on foreign exchange. That’s less than half the official rate of 2,150 set in 2005. Chavez may have to devalue the bolivar to reduce the gap and increase oil proceeds that make up half the state’s revenue.

“This has been the worst managed oil boom in Venezuela’s history,” said Ricardo Hausmann, a former government planning minister who now teaches economics at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

HT to Jimmy K., who sums it up:

Who will suffer the most ? The liberals who believe socialism and communism are the highest degree achievable by civilizations and Valenzuela’s poor who have been tricked once again by the forces of the dark side of the political spectrum.

She’s got a good point

August 24, 2007

Ala gets to the heart of the problem with socialized medicine:

Isn’t it amazing that the same people that lambaste every single thing the government does and blames events like 9/11, Katrina and anthrax on the government are the same ones calling for national healthcare. They scream about Walter Reed and then ask for the same care. The government can’t do anything right, why would you want them handling your healthcare? Welfare recipients get about 24 CENTS on the dollar. 76 CENTS per dollar on administrative costs?! And you want them managing your health?

Read the whole thing.


July 31, 2007

What it takes to accept Hillary Rodham Clinton.

debates and Vice President choices

July 24, 2007

I listened to some of the democrat debate last night and one thing was clear, regardless of if you agreed with they where saying or not, Hillary Rodham Clinton was once again kicking ass and taking names.

Most of the other candidates were still talking to the nutroots extremist left they are hoping will vote for them in a general election. Hillary Rodham Clinton is already running the general election. Obama and Edwards aren’t attacking her directly because they don’t want to ruin their chances for the number 2 spot on the ticket.

While a Hillary Rodham Clinton/Barak Obama ticket is a far extremist loopy left wet dream of ticket, I think Hillary Rodham Clinton is too smart to pick a running mate that isn’t going to help here in the general election. If that admitted War Criminal John Kerry was smart enough, he would probably be President right now. Fortunately for the United States of America, his skills are more focused toward finding extremely rich women who aren’t that bright instead of running in a contested election.

My prediction is that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going to pick Obama or Edwards (who couldn’t even carry his home state in the 2004 elections), but somebody who is going to help here in the general elections of 2008. Former Bill Clinton administration official and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson would be a good choice. He’s also smart enough to know that if he was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Vice President, gone would be the days of a powerful VP (such as Al Gore or Dick Cheney). He is far too conservative (he has a better track record on Second Amendment Civil Rights than a lot of Republicans running for President) for Hillary Rodham Clinton to allow much freedom. That is something that Hillary Rodham Clinton feels about most Americans anyway.

That’s got hurt…

June 29, 2007

MTV, yes that MTV, hardly a tool of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, nails Michael Moore for what he really is:

Unfortunately, Moore is also a con man of a very brazen sort, and never more so than in this film. His cherry-picked facts, manipulative interviews (with lingering close-ups of distraught people breaking down in tears) and blithe assertions (how does he know 18 million people will die this year because they have no health insurance?) are so stacked that you can feel his whole argument sliding sideways as the picture unspools.

HT to Rob at Say Anything.

Make sure to read the whole thing, it’s full of tidbits like this:

Moore’s most ardent enthusiasm is reserved for the French health care system, which he portrays as the crowning glory of a Gallic lifestyle far superior to our own. The French! They work only 35 hours a week, by law. They get at least five weeks’ vacation every year. Their health care is free, and they can take an unlimited number of sick days. It is here that Moore shoots himself in the foot. He introduces us to a young man who’s reached the end of three months of paid sick leave and is asked by his doctor if he’s finally ready to return to work. No, not yet, he says. So the doctor gives him another three months of paid leave — and the young man immediately decamps for the South of France, where we see him lounging on the sunny Riviera, chatting up babes and generally enjoying what would be for most people a very expensive vacation. Moore apparently expects us to witness this dumbfounding spectacle and ask why we can’t have such a great health care system, too. I think a more common response would be, how can any country afford such economic insanity?