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What will a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency look like?

April 13, 2008

Carl Bernstein asks the question and he gets it mostly right:

The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency.

Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often.

The thing he gets wrong is that he expects “some very good policy ideas“, which is pretty much outside the realm of possibility since Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife is socialist.

The puppet was a better actor.

April 2, 2008

It’s as if the Sean Penn puppet in “Team America” came to life as a propagandist.

Hillary Clinton’s America

January 3, 2008

What can America look forward to under a possible Hillary Rodham Clinton reign?
Let’s review some of the highlights of her previous “Co-Presidency.”
Gerard Jackson has some good examples:

This is the woman who condemned the NYPD; who stood aside while her race-baiting anti-Semitic buddies demonised the men and women in blue and smeared Giuliani by comparing him to Adolf Hitler;

This is the woman who revealed her authoritarian nature and contempt for the rule of law by supporting hubby’s jackbooted kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez. No wonder she had the gall to write:

The pretense that children’s issues are somehow above or beyond politics endures and is reinforced by the belief that families are private, nonpolitical units whose interests subsume those of children.

The woman who argued that little children should be allowed to sue their parents rationalised an assault by a swat team on a defenceless American family, and all without due process.

It was [Clinton AG Janet] Reno, on Clinton’s instructions, who denied Elian due process. It was Clinton and Reno (and let’s not forget Castro) who mocked the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. It was Clinton’s appointee to the head of the INS, Doris Meissner, who instructed that a search warrant be fraudulently obtained.

Other highlights of the Clinton “Co-Presidency” include:

  • The sale of US Military Secrets to the Communist Chinese government for illegal campaign contributions.
  • Illegally obtaining hundreds of confidential FBI files for political witch hunts.
  • Bomb attacks on US Embassies and the World Trade Center.
  • The Enron and WorldCom scandals
  • Unilateral invasions of foreign countries to institute regime changes against governments that were no threat to the United States of America.
  • Fat Cat donors like George Soros buying and controlling the democrat party.

This is what Hillary Rodham Clinton “supporters” want to return to.

Leftist crushing of decent

November 2, 2007

The darling of the American far left extremists, Hugo Chavez, is preceding on his path to turn his country into a Socialist Hell hole. Complete with the crushing of any opposition.

Soldiers used tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannons to scatter tens of thousands who massed Thursday to protest constitutional reforms that would permit Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to run for re-election indefinitely.

Led by university students, protesters chanted “Freedom! Freedom!” and warned that 69 amendments drafted by the Chavista-dominated National Assembly would violate civil liberties and derail democracy.

It was the biggest turnout against Chavez in months, and appeared to revive Venezuela’s languid opposition at a time when the president seems as strong as ever. Students promised more street demonstrations over the weekend, but no opposition-led protests were planned for Friday.

“This is a dictatorship masked as democracy,” said Jorge Rivas, an 18- year-old student. “Chavez wants our country to be like Cuba, and we’re not going to allow that to occur.”

Authorities broke up the protest outside the headquarters of the country’s electoral council, reporting that six police officers and one student were injured. But students said dozens of protesters were hurt during the melee. The local Globovision television network broadcast footage of several police beating an unarmed protester with billy clubs.

Anti-Chavez protests in Venezuela.

October 25, 2007

The Socialist President there isn’t too popular with the people it seems.

Police State proceeding on schedule…

October 14, 2007

Your children are now government informers here in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Pediatricians ask your kids, without your knowledge if possible, if you drink alcohol, use drugs, or own firearms. They will call the police based on what your kids say about you.

Hardly surprising given that the PRM is under the single rule tyranny of the far left extremists of the loopy liberal wing of the democrat party.

Atlas is starting to shrug.

February 19, 2007

Ok, so I used Transterrestrial Musings post title. It was just that damn good.
It sums up nicely what is going on the Socialist Paradise of the loopy liberal left’s darling, Hugo Chevez.

Faced with an accelerating inflation rate and shortages of basic foods like beef, chicken and milk, President Hugo Chávez has threatened to jail grocery store owners and nationalize their businesses if they violate the country’s expanding price controls.

Food producers and economists say the measures announced late Thursday night, which include removing three zeroes from the denomination of Venezuela’s currency, are likely to backfire and generate even more acute shortages and higher prices for consumers. Inflation climbed to an annual rate of 18.4 percent a year in January, the highest in Latin America and far above the official target of 10 to 12 percent.

“This country is going to turn into Cuba, or Chávez will have to give in,” said Cándida de Gómez, 54, a shopper at a private supermarket in Los Palos Grandes, a district in the capital….