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Russia plans "Large Scale Rearming"

March 17, 2009

According to the New York Times, not only does Russian plan on “bolstering” their armed and nuclear forces, Russia as started “an effort to overhaul the operations of the armed forces, which are still run largely according to Soviet-style dictates.”

Welcome to the Age of Obama. As our gaffe prone VP got right, our enemies abroad see this inexperienced President, who would prefer to ignore non-domestic issues, as an opportunity to expand their power at the expense of the United States and the rest of the Free World.

UPDATE: As Russian works to upgrade their military capabilities, Team Lightbringer is cutting major US military weapons programs.

Two defense officials who were not authorized to speak publicly said Gates will announce up to a half-dozen major weapons cancellations later this month. Candidates include a new Navy destroyer, the Air Force’s F-22 fighter jet, and Army ground-combat vehicles, the offi cials said.

Let’s see, cutting Naval ships while the Communist Chinese Navy is getting more aggressive, cutting the F-22 while the Russians are upgrading their anti-aircraft systems to take out everything but the F-22, and the Army ground-combat vehicles that give the US Infantry a good chunk of it’s advantage on the ground.

I’m starting to get a nasty feeling that Billy Jeff Clinton cared for the members of the United States military more than our Dear Leader does.

Additional Update: Our Dear Leader sends a clear message to US military veterans and it isn’t pretty. According to the Washington Times, BHO plan to generate extra budget money by forcing veterans to pay for some medical treatments through their private insurance.

Let me get this straight, our Dear Leader is OK with sending $900 million of the US Tax Payer’s earnings to the Islamofascists in Hamas, but covering the medical bills wounded US military veterans is something he feels can be cut from the budget?
That is just plain wacked wrong.

Putin isn’t wasting any time.

November 5, 2008

Russia to Deploy Missiles in Response to U.S. Missile Shield.

The silence of the "Anti-War" left.

August 11, 2008

TigerHawk points out what those who pay attention already know.
The so called “anti-war” left is only against the American liberating the oppressed.

When their Russian heroes unilaterally invade a sovereign nation in a clear “blood for Oil” war, they are predictably silent.

Of course, the Russians have no meaningful justification under international law, far less than the imperfect case the United States and its coalition built to justify regime change in Iraq.

That caused me to wonder, where are the anti-war groups?

Well, as of this morning, you can find no mention of the war on A.N.S.W.E.R.’s home page. The group is addressing many other pressing matters, but apparently not the unremitting attack on Georgia. Code Pink? Nyet. Democracy Now!, which is a left-wing media group, has lots of news about American wars on its web page but nothing about Russia or Georgia. Nothing from the comrades at Peace Action. Stop the War Coalition? What war? You can search the home pages of left-wing groups until the cows come home and not find anything on the Russo-Georgia war.

C’mon guys, Human Rights Watch — to its credit — was all over this on Saturday with a boilerplate press release (although you would not know it from the scant press coverage it received, neither Israel nor the United States being involved). The least you can do is copy that one.

So far, at least, it is safe to conclude that these organizations are not so much anti-war as they are anti-American and anti-Israeli. It is useful to clear that up. And, by the way, if they decide to organize massive anti-war rallies against Russia and belatedly reveal themselves as intellectually honest, I will be the first to say so.

Russia invades Georgia

August 10, 2008

While the focus of the world press is on China and the Olympics (Kudos to the US Women’s Saber team for their medal sweep), the Russians unilaterally invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia.

Here is my theory on the Russian invasion. The Russian military is targeting the oil pipelines that run through Georgia. With summer running down, disrupting that flow of energy to the West will increase the value of Russian oil. It will also increase the influence Russia will have over Europe as the temperatures drop.

Update: AoSHQ points out the differences between Obama and Senator John McCain on this issue. Winner: Senator John McCain.

That is pretty much spot on…

June 3, 2008

Mr Reynolds nails the international arms market:

Russian stuff’s cheap, and it works fine as long as you’re only fighting other third-world countries with Russian weapons. . . .

Canada responds to Russian expansion

August 11, 2007

Canada’s prime minister announced plans Friday for an army training center and a deepwater port on the third day of an Arctic trip meant to assert sovereignty over a region with potentially vast energy resources.