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Morning Rant

September 10, 2007

A friend of mine said he didn’t make enough money to be a Republican. He got it backwards. Look at the donor records. The party that makes most of its money from large lump donation from the Uber-Rich, is the democrat party. The Republicans make most of their cash from small donations from the middle class.

The stone cold truth is he doesn’t make enough money to be a democrat. That is the party that raises taxes on the middle class to buy the votes (even illegal ones) of the poor, while voting themselves loop holes so they can avoid paying their “fair share” of taxes. It is the democrats that routinely wage the class warfare they accuse their foes of doing.

Any small business owner should be painfully aware that HRC will gladly drive them bankrupt with her Socialized Medicine plan. You can be sure the Uber-Rich democrats will do what ever Canadian who can afford it does, they buy decent medical care.

There are two main differences between most right wing blogs and most left wing blogs.

1. Right wing blogs fairly consistently point out faults of GW Bush. Lefty sites are much more ideological pure and almost never speak ill of liberal democrats in power, even the ones who support criminal pedophiles.

2. Right wing blogs much more consistently use verifiable facts and logical deductive reasoning in their arguments. Left wing blogs (and Err America) rely much more on fear mongering, and flat out lies. A common example is that most lefties will claim the the Crime Act of 1994, signed by Billy Jeff Clinton, banned fully automatic and/or selective fire weapons. They are either painfully ignorant of the subject or willfully lying to hide the truth. Neither speaks well for the left.

Just look at that so-called “grass roots” democrat organization, “move on dot org.” The whole thing is funded by multi-billionaire George Soros. He has been very clear that he considers the democrat party bought and paid for by him.

It is not that that the Republicans are clean, above board and totally honest. It is pretty clear that they are not. It also is pretty damn clear that they can not be as corrupt and fundamentally dishonest as the core of the democrat party even when they try. Look at Nancy Pelosi, who fires union organizers from the hotels and vineyards she owns and rides in parades with NAMBLA. Maxine Waters, far hard left liberal democrat of Los Angeles most crime ridden neighborhoods, is a staunch Clinton supporter who was rewarded by by Billy Jeff Clinton for supporting him during his impeachment by appointing her husband the ambassador to the Bahamas.

A democrat congressman was caught actually having sex with an underage male page and he got a free ride from the press and reelected by the same people who demonized a Republican for just sending suggestive emails. Randy Cunningham is in jail, and rightly so, for taking bribes. Democrat William Jefferson was caught on tape taking a $100,000 cash bribe. The person who gave him the bribe turned states evidence and says it was a bribe. The FBI found $90,000 in cash hidden in frozen food boxes in his freezer. That bastard is still in Congress with the support of the democrat party.

Let’s not forget the whole Norman Hsu thing either (like CNN would like to do).

The inherit levels of corruption in the democrat party runs deeper. It isn’t the party of JFK anymore. It’s the party of George Soros, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi.