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The Corruption keeps rolling along

April 5, 2009

Corrupt democrat Congressman John Murtha is continuing his pattern of pork barrel spending.

Four of the earmark requests from Murtha’s office are for current or former clients of a lobbying firm, the PMA Group, that is currently under federal investigation for connection to possible “straw” donations to Murtha and other Democratic members of the House.

Murtha also has not yet apologized to the cleared US Marines he insulted.

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Obama breaks promise on pork spending

March 3, 2009

According to the AP:

Despite campaign promises to take a machete to lawmakers’ pet projects, President Barack Obama is quietly caving to funding nearly 8,000 of them this year, drawing a stern rebuke Monday from his Republican challenger in last fall’s election.

Arizona Sen. John McCain said it is “insulting to the American people” for Obama’s budget director to indicate over the weekend that the president will sign a $410 billion spending bill with what Republicans critics say is nearly $5.5 billion in pet projects known as earmarks.

How many rational people actually expected BHO to keep his campaign promises. As he so clearly said, “We won.” So expect a far left extremist agenda shoved down your throat regardless of what you want.

What Cafferty missed

February 17, 2009

CNN’s Jack Cafferty has a scathing editorial about the democrat Porkulus bill that our Dear Leader will sign later today.

First let’s review what Jack Cafferty nailed.

What a joke. Your Congress has voted to spend almost $790 billion of your money on a stimulus package that not a single member of either chamber has read.

The criminal part of this boondoggle is divided into two parts. The first is the Democrats promised to post the bill a full 48 hours before the vote was taken to allow members of the public to see what they were getting for their money.

It didn’t happen. Why am I not surprised? Congress lying to the American people has become part of their job description. They can’t be trusted on anything anymore.

When Reid first announced the compromise had been reached, Nancy Pelosi was nowhere to be seen. And it would take an act of God for this egotistical, arrogant woman to miss a photo op where she could take credit for anything. But she wasn’t there.

The second part of the crime is the contents of the bill itself. Far from being only about jobs, infrastructure and tax cuts as promised, the stimulus bill stimulates a bunch of other stuff as well.

Let’s review, the democrat leadership in Congress shoved this through at a dangerous pace with no bipartisan support (Let’s be honest here, the 3 “Republicans” who voted for this pork fest are more liberal than the 7 Blue Dog Democrats who voted against it.), and loaded it down with massive amounts of non-stimulus pork (which Cafferty lists just a small fraction of).

What did Cafferty miss? Well, to start with, he tries to paint this as a “bi-partisan” fiasco. Nope, not gonna fly. If on the off chance this actually does some good over the next year (with only 8% of the porkulus bill being spent in 2009, that is kinda doubtful), the democrats will take all the credit. The flip side is if this pork barrel express legislation tanks, they have to take all the blame.

The other thing Cafferty missed was the correct role of our Dear Leader. Mr. Cafferty writes:

It’s really too bad President Obama couldn’t figure out a way to jettison these two who are poster children for everything that is wrong in Washington. The Associated Press called the birth of the stimulus bill “sausage making” in the best tradition of Washington politics as usual.

One of our Dear Leader‘s jobs is the head of his party. He should be dictating policy to Reid and Pelosi, not the other way around. In the case of this Porkulus bill, Barack Hussein Obama failed in his duty to the American people by letting the so-called “leaders” of his party in Congress load what is supposed to be a bill to help all of the American people with payback for their party’s supporters and pork barrel spending for democrat congressional districts. To make matters worse, our Dear Leader is actually going to sign this pig into law. He’ll wrap it up in very pretty words that he will read from his teleprompter, but no matter how much lipstick he puts on this bill, it is still a pig.

The People’s Stimulus

February 12, 2009

This is a damn good idea, and would boost the economy better and faster than funding the pet pork project of almost every democrat in Congress. Remember that brave 11 democrats stood with the American people and against their party by voting against Pelosi’s “Porkulus” plan.

Now our Dear Leader should veto that pork laden pig and follow this sensible and effective plan.

democrat culture of corruption continues

May 8, 2007

democrat House Speaker Nancy “SanFranNan” Pelosi follows in the foot steps of fellow California democrat Diane Feinstein, by setting up a Pork Barrel project that will funnel taxpayer dollars into her husbands pocket.