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Don’t they know she’s a Kennedy!

December 18, 2008

Marcia Kramer is reporting on the less than glowing reception Caroline Kennedy, who wants to be appointed to Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s senate seat, is getting from upstate New York reporters.

Update: If Caroline Kennedy were to call for a special election and get the NY Gov. to approve it, she would probably win on name recognition alone. Her big name opponent would be Andrew Cuomo and Up Staters would probably vote for her in opposition to him.

Meanwhile…in New York

September 15, 2008

Barak Hussein Obama’s once comfortable 18 point lead in the state of New York has dropped 18 points to a much narrower 5 point lead.

Hot Air points out that Senator McCain is leading in some key voter issues:

McCain has made significant gains in New York largely on national security and personal attributes. He wins on terrorism, 54-33, and edges Obama in ensuring American strength, 47-41. McCain obliterates him on personal qualities, especially patriotism (59-21), experience (73-18), and perhaps most unsettling for Team O, integrity (43-38).