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A fine example of doublespeak

September 15, 2004

On Meet the Press, Kerry adviser and former Clinton Sec. of State Madeleine Albright (also known as Madeleine Chamberlain or Neville Albright) put forth the following:

Russert: But didn’t North Korea develop a nuclear bomb on Bill Clinton’s watch?

Albright: No, what they were doing, as it turns out, they were cheating. And the reason that you have arms control agreements is you don’t make them with your friends, you make them with your enemies. And it’s the process that is required to hold countries accountable. The worst part that has happened under the agreed framework, there was these fuel rods, and the nuclear program was frozen. Those fuel rods have now been reprocessed, as far as we know, and North Korea has a capability, which at one time might have been two potential nuclear weapons, up to six to eight now, we’re not really clear. But in this period of time when there has not enough action been taken, I think that the threat from North Korea has increased.

Ok…so what she is saying is that under the Clinton Treaty, North Korea could go a head a develop a nuclear bomb.
What job is she sucking up for in a Kerry administration?