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How in the tank is the press for Obama

August 17, 2008

Well, when the Omnibudsman for the left leaning Washington Post says “…the disparity is so wide that it doesn’t look good,” they are in the tank pretty fucking deep.

Yup, most the MSM reporters are going to need a decompression chamber to come out that tank.

It’s really bad at NBC. First it was Chris Matthew’s “tingle” running up his leg. Now it’s Andrea Mitchell spouting Obama campaign tin foil hat crybaby whining story over Senator John McCain handing Obama his ass the other other night.

Come on People! Barak H. Obama is only smooth in front of teleprompter! Be happy he only stumbled as much as he did. Senator McCain is a seasoned veteran of politics at the hard ball national (and international) level. Obama was fixing Chicago parking tickets a few years ago. That McCain handled the unscripted questions better was to be expected in the world of rational adults who pay attention. Oh, that must be way it caught the Obama camp and his supporters completely by surprise.