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A honest picture

July 14, 2004

Pete Townshend on Moore

July 13, 2004

According to the New York Post:

MICHAEL Moore messed with the wrong rocker when he charged that The Who’s Pete Townshend refused to allow his classic hit “Won’t Get Fooled Again” to be used in “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Biting back on his Web site, Townshend said the reason the song wasn’t used was not because he was for the war in Iraq (which he admits he was), but because he doesn’t trust Moore‘s accuracy in reporting and regards Moore as a bully. “

“I greatly resent being bullied and slurred by him in interviews just because he didn’t get what he wanted from me. It seems to me that this aspect of his nature is not unlike that of the powerful and willful man at the center of his new documentary

A maggot that eats off the dead…

July 13, 2004

That is what the mother of the late Major Gregory Stone, US Air Force, calls Michael Moore.
Major Stone was killed by Hasan K. Akbar and footage of his Arlington National Cemetery was included in Fahrenhate 911. According to the Washington Times, the family does not know how Mr. Moore obtained the video, and a family representative said they did not give permission and are considering legal recourse.

Czech President on Fraud-n-hate 9/11

July 13, 2004

The message of this film is very weak and propagandistic … We were used to such messages in the communist days. Everybody has open eyes and can understand that this is propaganda. It was a weak film that tells us nothing new.

— Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus