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An American Carol is coming out on DVD

December 29, 2008

I saw An American Carol in the theater (along with WTTK’s Michael Graham), a very funny movie.

Could Barack Obama walk a mile in Sarah Palin’s shoes?

October 23, 2008

Forget the fact that those shoes are heels, I don’t think “The One” could put with the crap the MSM/DNC slings at Gov. Sarah Palin every day. Michael Graham doesn’t think so either.

But imagine the Democratic nominee’s day as Barack Palin Obama:

He wake up and reaches for a secret cigarette and a copy of The New York Times. Instead of the usual partisan puff pieces (“Obama Health Care Plan Pledges Miraculous Healings For All”), the Times is running exposes about his family.

Does his spouse have extremist political views? Who pays when his kids travel to Washington? And how do we know one of them isn’t really his grandkid?

Opening the editorial page Palin-Obama finds column after column filled with personal attacks and insults. Comments about his looks, how much his clothes cost, his speaking style – even suggestions that the radical teachings of his church might be a legitimate topic for discussion.

That afternoon, Palin-Obama sits down with a CNN reporter who spends the first half of the interview asking variations of the question, “How can a half-term senator with zero executive experience and no record of achievement be president? Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself for even running?”

“Let’s talk energy independence,” Palin-Obama asks hopefully. The reporter instead demands to know why Obama won’t release his medical records, his original birth certificate or the names of about half his contributors.

“You’re the most secretive candidate since Nixon,” the reporter insists. “And besides, the guy who plays you on ‘Saturday Night Live’ is way hotter.”

Let’s be honest, Obama, his background or his policies couldn’t handle the level of “attention” the MSM/DNC is giving Gov. Sarah Palin