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Sunday Morning Talk Shows

August 3, 2008

Former democrat operative George Swaythepopulas gave democrat Speaker of the House “San Fran Nan” Pelosi (Worst. Speaker. Ever.) free rein to spout her talking points.

Meet the Press had Senator Lieberman (moderate, sane democrat and McCain supporter) debating Senator John Kerry (far left democrat billionaire who only pays federal tax at a 12% rate, and Barak H. Obama supporter).

Update: democrat Tom Daschle, a major Obama supporter, is on Fox News Sunday. Daschle is a lying weasel. He always has been, always will be. Daschle lies boldly and with a straight face. The truth is not part of that man’s genetic makeup.

The lone Right of Center member of the Meet the Press round table made a what is probably a highly accurate prediction. He predicted that Hillary Clinton will make a good speech at the DNC, not a great speech, but a good speech. Then, in November, she will vote for John McCain.
That does make sense based on her over riding goal to take control of the White House. Her best bet to inflict her socialist policies on America is to run in 2012. She needs Senator John McCain to win in 2008 for that to happen.

Check the temperature in Satan’s summer cottage. Juan Williams is agreeing with Bill Kristol on how Obama screwed the pooch by repeatedly playing the race card.

That wasn’t an interview, it was a donation to BO’s campaign

July 27, 2008

Tom Brokaw was pitching underhand softballs to Barak H. Obama on Meet the Press today. No followups, just allowing BO to recite his talking points. I wouldn’t be surprised if some NBC staffer slipped BO the questions in advance.

NBC should just write the cost of that show off as a campaign contribution to Barak H. Obama and the Soros wing of the DNC.

Today’s political talk shows

July 13, 2008

Fox News Sunday did a tribute to its first host, the late Tony Snow.
NPR commentator Juan Williams’ memories were the most personal and it was obvious that he missed his good friend.

Meet the Press was on at 9, instead of 10.
This reduced his competition to the extremely low rated George Swaythepopulas show on ABC. The show is still trying to find its feet and I get the impression that NBC wants to keep the the show below the radar until they find a host to take over long term.

On CNN‘s Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer is acting more like a member of liberal democrat Barak Obama’s campaign staff instead of a reporter.