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Senator Kennedy diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor

May 20, 2008

I’m no fan of the Commonwealth’s senior Senator by no means, but I do acknowledge that he craps bigger than most of the current crop of liberal democrat congress critters (like Pelosi and Reid for example).

Unlike Senators who choose their states based on convenience (like the senator sitting the seat that is supposed to represent New York state), Ted Kennedy is Massachusetts born and bred. He knows that taking care of his base is the key to his success. I know Commonwealth residents who have called his office and found themselves on the phone with the Senator inside five minutes.

I wish him well in dealing with his cancer. Brain tumors are typically fatal over a short number of years, so it will probably beat his liver out as cause of death.
Senator Kennedy has lived his life on his terms (his family’s vast fortune built on illegal booze smuggling made that possible). Perhaps this reminder of his morality will cause him to brush up what he will say to Mary Jo when they meet again.