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50 Days That Changed the World

March 10, 2009

Gateway Pundit has correctly identified those fifty days as the “Obama Disaster.”
Here are some of the highlights.

** Obama is on track to spend more money than any person in the history of the planet.
** Obama and Pelosi’s stimulus bill was the largest spending bill in the history of the planet.

** He’s lost at least 3 administration nominees due to tax fraud.
** He’s promoted a tax cheat to run the IRS and Treasury.
** He’s insulted America’s greatest ally, Great Britain.
** He’s reneged on missile agreements with allies Poland and the Czech Republic.

** The Obama stock market had its worst January in 113 years.
** The stock market had its worst February since 1933.
** The Dow has dropped faster under Obama than any other new president in 90 years.
** Obama’s budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, and adds more to the debt than all previous presidents — from George Washington to George W. Bush — combined.

There is more, much more.
Barak Obama, Worst President Ever.” Yup, he’s working to steal the crown from fellow democrat Jimmy Carter.

The Pelosi Premium

June 12, 2008

Here is the simple truth, democrats want higher fuel prices and don’t care that it drags the economy down, causes inflation and has a negative effect on the lives of average Americans. Even Obama has come out and said it. If you want a return to the double digit inflation and unemployment of the Carter administration, just vote democrat.

Welcome back Carter

June 10, 2008

The Confederate Yankee nails the bad news express that an Obama administration would be:

While the media would like to help along the meme that McCain’s financial plan of low taxes and lowered government spending is a continuation of Bush’s economy, that is fiction. McCain’s policies are in line with Ronald Reagan’s successful conservative economic plans; of the two Presidential candidates, it is Obama’s plan that is more like those practiced by Bush.

The bloated government and increased spending seen under the Bush Administration is horrific from a fiscally conservative standpoint, and a prequel to what would occur if the ultra-liberal Obama campaign lives up to its promises, creating more than $87 billion in new government and entitlements. Obama will need to substantially raise taxes to fulfill even some of his campaign promises.

Think Bush is bad? Obama will be worse, pulling for “higher income taxes, Social Security taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes,” and taxes on job-creating small businesses straight out of the “dazed and malaised” days of James Earl Carter’s failed one-term Presidency. I’m sure I am not alone in hearing from parents concerned that an Obama presidency will ruin the economy for their children.

There is more, go read it.

The democrats track records

June 10, 2008

Let’s look at what the congressional democrats promised to due when they gained power in 2006 and what they have accomplished. Floppy Aces has the tally:

[democrats] promised that if elected to power they’d:
-end the war in Iraq
-lower gasoline prices
-make the world love us
-end the partisanship in DC

Let’s see, they have completely dropped the ball on ending the war in Iraq. In fact they gone out their way to hide the fact that the surge McCain supported has worked, and that the Iraqi military is successfully doing more and more in fighting Islamofascists.

Gas prices have gone up about $2 a galleon since the democrats took over congress.
It only went up $0.66 during the first six years of the Bush 43 administration and the Republican controlled congress. So it looks like they screwed that pooch too.

Make the world love us? Well, dictators around the world are happy over the fact that liberal democrat may take control of the White House.

As for ending the partisanship in D.C., that has been an utter failure as well. The democrats have raised divisive partisanship to new levels.

There is a reason that Congress has a much lower approval rating than the President, yet the democrats want to repeat the mistakes of the worst President in modern history, Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter’s Second Term

May 26, 2008

I’m been saying that Barak Obama is a Jimmy Carter retread for a while.
The American Spectator has picked up on that as well.

The question for the rest of the year is this: Are there enough voting Americans who survived the disastrous odyssey through the late 1970s that was led by blessedly now ex-president Jimmy Carter? While Ronald Reagan is rated in poll after poll by Americans as a great president, (most recently he rated second only to Lincoln), are there enough people who recall that Reagan’s election came about because of Carter’s…ahhh…”performance” in the Oval Office? And will they be able to make the Obama-Carter connection for younger voters hearing terms like “windfall profits tax” for the first time?

Consciously or not, Obama has selected the philosophical template of the Carter administration, from defunding the military, fighting the “special interests” down to imposing the windfall profits tax on the rich.

IS IT POSSIBLE that America really wants to return to those depressing days of gas lines and leisure suits? Of malaise and shock over the aggressiveness of America’s enemies? The days when the policies Obama is advocating raised unemployment rates, interest rates and inflation rates into the double digits? When America’s enemies looked the President of the United States in the eye — and found he really wanted to kiss them on the cheek?

Obama’s windfall profits tax idea? A Jimmy Carter biggie. “Unless we tax the oil companies, they will reap huge and undeserved windfall profits,” fumed Carter on national television in 1980. The New York Times agreed, warning darkly that “legislators who sit by idly while oil profits soar will have to answer to the voters.” With Democrats controlling Congress they got their way. As if on cue, oil production — fell. To the tune of 1.6 billion fewer barrels. America’s dependence on foreign oil rose.

The RNC catches up with me.

May 14, 2008

I’ve been calling Barak Hussein Obama the second coming of Jimmy Carter for a while.
Change this country doesn’t need is a return to Carter era double digit inflation and unemployment.

Note the difference

April 20, 2008

While former democrat president Jimmy Carter is meeting with Islamofascist terrorists, the Pope is at Ground Zero remembering victims of Islamofascist terrorists.

Liberal democrat logic

April 16, 2008

It takes the far left extremist liberal democrat village idiot to say shit this fornicating stupid:

“In a democracy, I realize you don’t need to talk to the top leader to know how the country feels. When I go to a dictatorship, I only have to talk to one person and that’s the dictator, because he speaks for all the people.”

This uber-moron is completely missing the fucking point!
Of course, it is that champion of Islamofascist terrorist, former democrat President Jimmy Carter.

Keep in mind that this national embarrassment and easily the worst President of the the last 50 years is a democrat Overseer (a so-called “super delegate”) and will be one of the select few who will actually select the democrat nominee.

HT to Hot Air & Ace.

The Godfather the modern leftist hater

April 13, 2008

[Former democrat President] Jimmy Carter is the Godfather of the modern leftist hater. He presents a pious mien, untroubled by rage or hate. He truly sees himself as a man of peace. Yet Hamas is openly and unapologetically genocidal. Jimmy Carter hates through others maintaining deniability of his own monstrous impulses. His evil is worse than the banality Hannah Arendt described because he should know better. The compartmentalization required to embrace the murderers of innocents while proclaiming their moderation is breath taking yet never seems to give pause to our ex-President. Jimmy Carter is a hate filled and bitter man and every effort he makes seem to support monsters. It is a mystery only to him.

HT to Dissecting Leftism

Questioning the timing…

October 16, 2007

Via Ms. Althouse is a good Q&A from Thomas Sowell:

“Why is Congress spending time trying to pass a resolution condemning the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire nearly a century ago?”

The obvious answer:

“It is hard to avoid the conclusion that this resolution is just the latest in a series of Congressional efforts to sabotage the conduct of [the Iraq] war.”

Remember that former (thankfully) democrat president Jimmy Carter just pronounced that the slaughter in the Darfur region of Sudan is not genocide.
Let us review:

The Sudanese government has suppressed information by jailing and killing witnesses since 2004 and tampered with evidence such as mass graves to eliminate their forensic values. In addition, by obstructing and arresting journalists, the Sudanese government has been able to obscure much of what has gone on. The mass media once described the conflict as both “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide,” and now do so without hesitation. The United States government has described it as genocide, although the UN has declined to do so.

Hmmmm…isn’t Sudan on the UN “Human Rights” committee?
Just what is the UN good for, besides being a waste of valuable NYC real estate?