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Not my book review…

September 12, 2007

A review of Tom Kratman’s latest book, found on his site.

“Tom Kratman’s A Desert Called Peace is practically the platonic ideal of epic Jacksonian war-porn. The printing process involves soaking the books in testosterone. It is so beautifully, terribly and gloriously Jacksonian, in fact, that merely reading the book carries the risk of pregnancy for unprotected women and metrosexuals.” — Albert Norman, connoisseur of fine literature.

I’m about halfway through the book myself, and I’d have to say that the review does capture the essence of the book quite well.

Just to give you an idea of how on target the review is, Mr. Kratman’s writing makes you appreciate the politically correct, balanced & nuanced writing of John Ringo‘s Ghost series.

Some people may see this as a bad thing, but I’m ok with it.
Hell, I read Eric Flint, and he’s dyed in wool Leftist.