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The left’s “Deity”

April 15, 2009

I kid you not. I received the following tweet from a leftist troll today.

I’m a supporter of change the change our great and divine leader president Obama has brought to america

Let’s take a look at that statement through the eyes of a rational adult in a free society.
First off, “great and divine leader”? This leftist troll should move to North Korea, he would fit right in.
Second, note that the troll capitalized the name of his “great and divine leader”, but couldn’t be bothered to capitalize the name of the nation he lives in and provides him the freedoms to decent.

This leftist troll was complaining about American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.
He claimed that this exercise of the basic Human Right of Free Speech was “treason” against his “great and divine leader.” This leftist troll sets his cult of personality beliefs above that of the Constitution of the United States of America. I would not be surprised if this leftist troll demonstrated the left’s typical lack of basic history by calling those who are exercising their Civil Rights “fascists.”

Originally posted at the Urbin Report

A good example of leftist hate speach

March 8, 2009

Dehumanize your opponents and then rationalize violence against them. As this leftist demonstrates:

Q. How many dittoheads does it take to roof a house?
A. Depends on how thin you slice them

I’m sure you can find some historical examples of political movements considering humans as materials for construction, or lamp shades, or socks.

Yup, this is the mindset of the “compassionate liberal.”

The left is fanning the fires of racism

February 20, 2009

…even if they have to lie to do it.
Case in point, the HuffPo using a doctored video to accuse Fox News of racism.

This raises the question, Why can’t the left make their arguments with the truth?

Why are leftists so eager to raise the specter of racism?

Perhaps it is because they plan on using it to attack their foes regardless of factual arguments opponents of socialism.

Update: Huffpo has posted a retraction, admitting the video they quoted was a fake.

A Chilling look.

October 10, 2008

Slublog at AoSHQ brings a chilling look at what an Obama administration could bring us.

Here are some of the frightening possibilities:

Congress, with the urging and support of the administration, would spend time ‘investigating’ the ‘crimes’ of the Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress. These hearings would have little purpose other than to tarnish the Republican party and avoid a repeat of the 1994 elections.

The second Constitutional change discussed would be the abolishing of the Electoral College. The left simply hates the fact that rural voters have the ability to temper the overwhelming Democrat vote in urban areas of the country, and that the so-called ‘flyover’ states have considerable power in national elections. Abolishing the Electoral College would give predominantly liberal urban areas overwhelming power to choose future presidents.

Economically, taxes would be raised and government spending would increase. Unions would grow stronger and free trade would be viewed with suspicion. Such policies would ensure a repeat of the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century.

Read the whole thing.

Widespread Voter Fraud under investigation in Colorado

September 25, 2008

Authorities in Colorado’s El Paso County including the district attorney have begun investigating widespread voter fraud. County Clerk and Recorder Bob Balnik clearly identifies the problems come from far left liberal groups that either falsify information and/or do not turn in forms if someone registers for a party they don’t like.

Color me not surprised

September 3, 2008

Becky, over at Just a Girl in Shorts talking about Whatever, makes the following observation.

Almost all of the homophobic and misogynistic comments have come from those who are politically left of center.

She claims that “some might find [this observation] strange.”
I don’t. Those to the Right of Center tend to debate the facts and issues.
Most of the vile, personal attacks in the last decade have come from the left.
Ya sure, you can find exceptions, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s pretty damn accurate.

Becky continues:

…quite frequently liberals get downright offensive. They got me banned from Digg, and about a year ago this angry little liberal dude tried to drive me out of business, by hooking up with some kindred brats and reporting me to Google Adsense, the Huffington Post and various forums—posted nonstop vile trash (actually bordering on constitutionally unprotected pornography ) in the comment sections, and sent out tons of spam informing the blogosphere what a depraved bitch I am.

With time, that ended, but every week, at least one of these adolescent liberal brats gets into it—either by commenting here or making their witty observations on their own blog or some other forum—or just sending me a little personal nastygram.

My conservative readers will often say things like “I disagree with you only about fifty percent of the time, but…” or “I don’t always agree with you, but…” I find you intelligent, well reasoned, amusing, interesting, entertaining, etc.

But these liberal juvenile delinquents, before they leave the blog forever, will often tag the comment section with some vile intolerant remarks, along with a couple of progressive slogans or talking points.

Let’s review some recent history.

Obama supporters shut down dissenting blogs in a direct attack on the First Amendment.

Surrendercrat Cindy Sheehan had her tires slashed for daring to run against democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi.

Mary Katharine Ham tells of her personal experience with the hateful left

Why did I deserve it? Because I’m conservative, and to my liberal acquaintances, “conservative” is interchangeable with any number of fun words, like racist, homophobe, warmonger, and bigot. Even my best liberal friends have refuse to let go of these one-dimensional definitions despite the fact that a three-dimensional specimen has been disproving all of them throughout our friendship. So much for nuance.

In short, I deserved it because I’m a conservative (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) And when you’re dealing with people as dastardly as conservatives, anything goes.

Suddenly, racism was an acceptable political tool. Jokes about Mammies and big-lipped caricatures were en vogue. Most of us got the memo that our culture deems these kind of attacks to be about as reprehensible as they get. Liberal cartoonists and commentators got that memo too. But there was no retraction from them, and not a peep from the NAACP or NOW.

Why no outrage? Because Condi deserved it. She’s a conservative, you know.

Let’s go back to the 2004 election

The tires of at least 30 cars and vans rented by the Republican Party to carry voters to the polls were slashed, Milwaukee police said this morning. The discovery was made at 6:30 a.m., said Sgt. Mark Wroblewski.

The rental cars were parked near a GOP office in the 7100 block of W. Capitol Dr. Wroblewski said “at least” 30 cars were disabled. At least one tire was slashed and in some cases, all four tires were cut. Detectives were on the scene, the sergeant said. Police had no suspects in custody as of 8 a.m.

The tire slashers turned out to be “liberal” democrats who felt that those who didn’t agree with them didn’t deserve the basic Civil Right of voting.

Also from the 2004 election

A Kerry/Edwards supports takes a Bush/Cheney sign from a 3 year old girl and tears it up. He looks pretty damn proud of himself today.

Becky strikes me as being a pretty observant person. She shouldn’t be surprised by the behavior she described by the so-called “liberals” who perform the drive by hate speech attacks on her.