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The Secret of Building Twitter Followers

May 4, 2009

If you are on twitter, odds are that you have had multiple people follow you who claim to be able to grow your follower list.

Here is the key secret to growing followers that they won’t tell you.

Post tweets that people want to read.

Start there. The rest will follow.

Oh, ya. Making your icon a picture of a hot woman helps too. 🙂 It works even better if it an actual picture of you.

New posts at Urbin Technology

September 9, 2008

New posts over at Urbin Technology.

Rev1 iPhones go up in value.

Google buys rights to new high res satellite photos.

Is Google planning a Navy?

About those iPhone apps

July 16, 2008

I have a post about iPhone apps over at Urbin Technology.

Twitter update

May 17, 2008

According to Twitterholic, Both Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose have passed Barak Obama’s campaign for number of followers. Leo is in the #1 spot and Kevin Rose #2. John C. Dvorak is just shy of the top ten.

Mobile Internet Devices and mobile carriers

January 15, 2008

Internet Evolution has a pair of good posts on the subject.
Carrier Garden Walls Are Tumbling Down


Are Mobile Internet Devices the Next Big Thing?

I was on the bandwagon early with my old Palm i705, but I’m currently sans such a device. I’ve been looking at Crackberry, Treo and iPhone devices, but none of them have all the features I want. My wish list is includes the big sharp screen and browser of the iPhone, and the openness and expandability of the Treo (a SD slot is important).

He’s making sense

November 16, 2007

“My hunch is that we’d see the same level of management of the Internet from the U.N. that we’ve seen when it came to peacekeeping operations in Africa. Or its management of Saddam Hussein’s ‘Oil for Food’ program. Or its monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program.”
Fred Thompson talking sense on who should control the Internet.

Google seeks Dark Fiber

July 30, 2007

Dark Fiber is fiber optic network cable laid, but not used.
It seems Google is looking to pick up this unused bandwidth.