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Apparently, this should required viewing by the facility of Harvard University

July 24, 2009

This is an Educational Video by Chris Rock that should be required viewing by Harvard University Professors.

While the white, middle class, cop is getting pronounced guilty of racism by our Dear Leader on national TV, the rich Harvard University professor is relaxing at his other home on Martha’s Vineyard.

The uttercluelessness of Obama supporters

October 13, 2008

Howard Stern does some actual investigative reporting and finds Obama supporters completely and utterly without a clue.

Seriously, these idiots are even saying they support Sarah Palin as Vice-President if Barak Obama is elected, and that Obama made “the right choice” by selecting her as his running mate!

The democrat party has really sunk deeply since the days of JFK. How sad.

Ok, to be fair, even Barak Obama’s actual running mate is confused about the ticket.

Another example of "democrat efficiency"

July 28, 2008

If you hadn’t heard, the democrats are trying to run their convention “Carbon Neutral.”

Well, some of that money they spend on “Carbon Credits” were wasted on a windmill generator that will never work.

This is pretty typical “democrat efficiency.” These are not the people you should be handing the keys to the country over to.

Morning Quote

April 13, 2007

“WTC-7 is the gateway drug to 9-11 Denial” — Pat at Screw Loose Change