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New posts at Urbin Technology

September 9, 2008

New posts over at Urbin Technology.

Rev1 iPhones go up in value.

Google buys rights to new high res satellite photos.

Is Google planning a Navy?

Ok, that was annoying

March 16, 2008

New Blogger templates wacked a lot of my side bar, and it doesn’t seem to have a way to go back. I’ll be putting stuff back over time.

I’ll try to get the good haloscan comments back this afternoon.

Just in time for Halloween

October 30, 2007

Fresh new Google phone rumors to scare the cell phone companies.
This time it is Reuters quoting the Wall Street Journal.

Google Adsense is anti-civil rights

September 30, 2007

SayUncle has the details on Google being Evil.

Google seeks Dark Fiber

July 30, 2007

Dark Fiber is fiber optic network cable laid, but not used.
It seems Google is looking to pick up this unused bandwidth.

Fuck you very much google

April 18, 2007

Given the reports that google had trouble transferring large blogs from blogger, I purposely didn’t transfer my 4+ year old blog.

Google decided to do it for me. How did I find out about this?
When I tried to post using Bloggar, which failed because google decided they wanted an incompatible API. When I tried to log into blogger, my only option was transfer to a google account.

“We’re Google. We’re too big to care about our customers.”