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A Good Cause

April 8, 2008

Books for Troops

Sounds like a damn good idea to me.

March 13, 2008

Megan McArdle puts forth an excellent suggestion:

“I’m not distressed to hear that the Feds were spying on Eliot Spitzer. No, not because I don’t like the man, but because I think maybe we should spy on our politicians, all the time. No probable cause, you say? I fling back at you Mark Twain’s observation that America only has one distinct criminal class: Congress. . . . I think it’s entirely appropriate that the anti-corruption police watch politicians like hawks. They’ve chosen public office; that conveys a lot of responsibility to the public, including assuring them that your votes aren’t being bought outright. I also think that politicians, when caught in a crime, should automatically get the maximum penalty; if they think the law is such a good idea, they ought to suffer heartily when they disregard it.”

HT to Mr. Reynolds

Let us hope they act quickly…

November 15, 2007

I bet my billionaire Senator (the admitted War Criminal) votes against this. It would double the rate he pays in federal income tax (while lowering the rate the majority of citizens he supposedly represents)