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Nerd fashion question

June 11, 2008

Will an EEE PC fit in a pants cargo pocket?

Twitter update

May 17, 2008

According to Twitterholic, Both Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose have passed Barak Obama’s campaign for number of followers. Leo is in the #1 spot and Kevin Rose #2. John C. Dvorak is just shy of the top ten.

Good and bad news for Palm

March 21, 2008

The Centro is a hit, but at $99 the profit margin is slim.

You may be a geek if…

March 14, 2008

…you get this.

Happy Pi Day!

Mobile Internet Devices and mobile carriers

January 15, 2008

Internet Evolution has a pair of good posts on the subject.
Carrier Garden Walls Are Tumbling Down


Are Mobile Internet Devices the Next Big Thing?

I was on the bandwagon early with my old Palm i705, but I’m currently sans such a device. I’ve been looking at Crackberry, Treo and iPhone devices, but none of them have all the features I want. My wish list is includes the big sharp screen and browser of the iPhone, and the openness and expandability of the Treo (a SD slot is important).

Geek note

May 14, 2007

Kevin Rose of Digg, and formally of TechTV, did his guest spot on episode 25 of TikiBar TV.

This is just too cool

April 10, 2007

A Steampunk style keyboard

HT to Tamara K. for spotting this first.