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Going to Barak Obama’s base.

August 6, 2008

George Clooney is hosting a fundraiser for Barak H. Obama.
He is holding in a stronghold of Obama supporters, Geneva, Switzerland.

Makes sense. Obama pontificates before massive crowds in Europe, while his poll numbers are dropping the in US.

Good thing, only US citizen are supposed to vote in American elections. The democrats are doing their best to change that, but for now, it is still law of the land.

Campaign fundraising transparency

July 31, 2008

Guess who has it and who does not. If you said the Republican had more transparency than the far left extremist corrupt Chicago democrat machine party hack, you are correct!

McCain fund raising on the rise

July 10, 2008

Yahoo News reports:

[Senator] McCain had $27 million in the bank at the end of June, and the Republican National Committee had nearly $68 million in the bank to help support the Arizona senator in the final push to the November 4 presidential election against Obama.

The combined fundraising allowed McCain to gain an edge over Obama in spending on television advertisements in battleground states in the last month, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said.

Things are not looking so rosy for democrat Barak H. Obama, as Hot Air points out.

Barack Obama has yet to announce his June numbers. Since peaking in February, his numbers have declined 20% or more each successive month, and in May trailed McCain slightly in fundraising. If he drops below his May numbers in June, he may have seriously miscalculated the decision to eschew public financing.

Follow the Money…

August 29, 2007

Those were the words of the man who wrote the screenplay (contrary to liberal myth, Deep Throat never uttered those words, nor were they in the book)

Not bad advice though (thank you William Goldman).
In this case it is a huge amount of money coming from a very modest San Francisco home and ending up in the coffers of democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Captain Ed has details, as does the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal has noticed a strange correlation between the donations of a major contributor to Hillary Clinton and a family living in a modest Daly City, California home. Despite having an annual income that would likely qualify as John Edwards’ other America, the Paw family has contributed over $45,000 to Hillary’s electoral campaigns — on the same days as mega-donor Norman Hsu, who once lived at the same address

So far, the Journal has not shown any wrongdoing, but the implication is pretty clear. Hsu pledged to raise over $100,000 to the Hillary campaign, and he may have used the Paws as a front for his money — or money from someone else. The Paws do not have the kind of money from the single salary as a postal carrier to donate $47,500, unless one thinks that a working-class family in a Frisco suburb would spend that money getting Hillary elected rather than fixing their house or preparing for their retirement.

The Journal does some digging on the Paws, perhaps a little too much for comfort for privacy activists. They just refinanced their home for $270,000, which indicates that they didn’t have $47,500 just laying around. Yet even with their modest 1300-square-foot house mortgaged to the hilt, the residence qualifies as one of Hillary’s top five donor addresses for this election cycle.

Let us return to Mr. Hsu, a HRC fundraiser

One of Hillary Clinton’s major fundraisers turns out to also be a major felon on the run. Yesterday, connections to Norman Hsu turned up in a Wall Street Journal investigation into large donations from a family of modest means at Hsu’s old address. Today, the Los Angeles Times reports that Hsu lammed it after agreeing to serve a three-year stretch for grand theft.