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Today’s political talk shows

July 13, 2008

Fox News Sunday did a tribute to its first host, the late Tony Snow.
NPR commentator Juan Williams’ memories were the most personal and it was obvious that he missed his good friend.

Meet the Press was on at 9, instead of 10.
This reduced his competition to the extremely low rated George Swaythepopulas show on ABC. The show is still trying to find its feet and I get the impression that NBC wants to keep the the show below the radar until they find a host to take over long term.

On CNN‘s Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer is acting more like a member of liberal democrat Barak Obama’s campaign staff instead of a reporter.

Who’s the fairest of them all?

July 8, 2008

Well, according Howard Wolfson, who was a top strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton, that would be Fox News. The New York Times reports:

“I thought that Fox’s coverage during the primary was comprehensive and fair and evenhanded,”

Mr. Wolfson’s decision to join Fox represents a general feeling among Clinton partisans that the network treated her more fairly than did other networks it viewed as overly friendly to Mr. Obama.

The night Mrs. Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary, several months after Mrs. Clinton joined other Democrats in opting out of a debate that Fox News was to sponsor, her campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe declared live on Fox, “Fair and Balanced Fox!” (The network was first to declare her the victor that night.) Last month the network signed Lanny Davis, a former special counsel to Bill Clinton and a vocal support of Mrs. Clinton, as a contributor.

Fox kicked MSNBC’s ass

May 16, 2007

No real surprise here. It does it in the ratings consistently.
In this case, the NR Media Blog points out the utter lameness of MSNBC hosted debates and how Fox News asked tough questions and nailed the candidates when they avoided answering.