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Monday Book Pick: Princess of Wands

April 27, 2009

Princess of Wands by John Ringo

A slightly different hero than the genre usally sees in this modern day horror/adventure tale by NY Times best selling author John Ringo.

Barbara Everett is a Christian soccer mom from the southeastern United States. Who just happens to an expert in martial arts and combat shooting. Which comes in handy when Lovecraftian evil comes a calling on her quiet vacation spot. This book is actually a collection of several stories, including one that takes place mostly at a SciFi/Fantasy con. A lot of industry inside baseball in that one, which makes it way cool.

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Klingons on the left coast

April 9, 2007

The best part of a review of the Klingon Death Metal band Stovokor

They spotted a young woman with a tribal tattoo on her lower back, and the 6’6”, one-armed vocalist, pInluH HoD, pointed his glorious battle wound of a stub and declared, “She does bear the tramp stamp! We will take her to our breeding camp.”