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Breck Boy is getting desperate

June 27, 2007

From Wizbang Politics, Edwards is losing the funding race:

Maybe the “other America” poor people John Edwards targets are short of cash. Maybe Democrats are tired of giving money to a guy who spends it on haircuts and spa treatments. For whatever reason, the money isn’t coming in to the Edwards campaign

As Patrick notes, 2/3 of $9 mil is only $6 million raised for the quarter, which ends in nine days. As recently as 2004, that would have been a respectable number, but in this cycle it is the sort of pocket change only a second-tier candidate could accept. With Hillary and Obama both projected to raise at or over $25 million AGAIN in the 2nd quarter, this could spell the effective end of the Edwards campaign. If they have been careful with their money – watch those haircuts, John, the tips alone will kill ya! – they may be able to continue, but no one can take them seriously any longer.

You can survive low poll numbers with great fundraising. You can survive weak fundraising with great poll numbers. You cannot survive low polls and weak fundraising with great haircuts alone.

John Edward’s America

May 20, 2007

The America that John Edwards lives in, and doesn’t want you in, includes “a $480,000 part-time job as a consultant to an investment firm that keeps its hedge funds in the Cayman Islands as a tax shelter for its clients.” “Mr. Edwards said […] that if he’s elected President he’ll still try to abolish offshore tax shelters.”

Playing to the base

May 15, 2007

Who are Edwards‘ base? Can you you say Moonbat?” I knew you could.