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Welcome to Obamamerica

December 9, 2008

Our future Dear Leader, the President Elect, Barack Hussein Obama, is a product of the Chicago democrat Political Machine. Remember that once he became leader of the democrat party, he moved DNC headquarters to Chicago, where members of the Chicago democrat party machine could more easily assert power.

Given that, let’s look into Chicago democrat politics in action. The AP reports:

CHICAGO – Federal authorities arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Tuesday on charges that he brazenly conspired to sell or trade the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by President-elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder.

Blagojevich also was charged with illegally threatening to withhold state assistance to Tribune Co., the owner of the Chicago Tribune, in the sale of Wrigley Field, according to a federal criminal complaint. In return for state assistance, Blagojevich allegedly wanted members of the paper’s editorial board who had been critical of him fired.

Wait! It gets better!

The affidavit said Blagojevich also discussed getting a substantial salary for himself at a nonprofit foundation or an organization affiliated with labor unions.

It said Blagojevich also talked about getting his wife placed on corporate boards where she might get $150,000 a year in director’s fees.

He also allegedly discussed getting campaign funds for himself or possibly a post in the president’s cabinet or an ambassadorship once he left the governor’s office. He noted becoming a U.S. senator might remake his image for a possible presidential run in 2016, according to the affidavit. And he allegedly said a Senate seat would also provide him with corporate contacts if he needed a job and present an opportunity for his wife to work as a lobbyist.

Keep in mind, this is not an isolated incident of democrat corruption in Chicago.

Political fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko who raised money for the campaigns of both Blagojevich and Obama is awaiting sentencing after being convicted of fraud and other charges. Blagojevich’s chief fundraiser, Christopher G. Kelly, is due to stand trial early next year on charges of obstructing the Internal Revenue Service.

HT to Living in the Surreal World.

A Blog for All points out that MSNBC has carefully left Blagojevich’s political party (he’s a democrat) out of their reporting.

It’s not surprising that democrat Gov. Blagojevich is the most unpopular governor in America.

Another case of name that party.

December 1, 2008

AP reports that the mayor of Birmingham, AL was arrested on federal criminal charges.

He was accused in a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of taking more than $156,000 from a friend whose firm made millions on risky bond transactions with the county for a new sewer system.

The SEC accused Langford of taking the undisclosed payments and benefits from Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount, whose firm collected more than $6.7 million in fees on county bond transactions. The money was allegedly routed through Al LaPierre, a lobbyist who is a friend of Langford.

What AP will not report is Langford’s political affiliation.

He is, of course, a democrat.

Meanwhile in the Uber-Liberal democrat stronghold of Boston

November 22, 2008

Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner is arrested by the FBI as part of the bribery and corruption investigation that netted Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson (both democrats).

Turner, a fine example of a Boston democrat, once accused US military personnel of committing rapes in Iraq, using photos from a commercial porn film as proof, and smeared former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as “a tool of white leaders,” like “a Jewish person working for Hitler.”

State Senator Diane Wilkerson, the poster person for the Massachusetts democrat party, attended state senate sessions with an tracking ankle bracelet when she was convicted of massive non-payment of taxes. Wilkerson was endorsed in her last run for State Senate (which she lost by a slim margin) by our democrat governor Deval Patrick.

How ACORN fake registrations turn into illegal votes

November 3, 2008

John Fund at Politico explains.

Anita MonCrief, an ACORN whistle-blower who worked for both it and its Project Vote registration affiliate from 2005 until early this year, agrees. “It’s ludicrous to say that fake registrations can’t become fraudulent votes,” she told me. “I assure you that if you can get them on the rolls you can get them to vote, especially using absentee ballots.” MonCrief, a 29-year old University of Alabama graduate who wanted to become part of the civil rights movement, worked as a strategic consultant for ACORN as well as a development associate with Project Vote and sat in on meetings with the national staffs of both groups. She has given me documents that back up many of her statements, including one that indicates that the goal of ACORN’s New Mexico affiliate was that only 40 percent of its submitted registrations had to be valid.

MonCrief also told me that some ACORN affiliates had a conscious strategy of flooding voter registration offices with suspect last-minute forms in part to create confusion and chaos that would make it more likely suspect voters would be allowed to cast ballots by overworked officials.

There are already documented examples of fraudulent registrations being converted into fraudulent votes in Ohio, where ACORN and other groups were active. Darrell Nash, an ACORN registration worker, submitted an illegal form for himself and then cast a paper ballot during the state’s “early voting” period.

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien also cracked down in the case of 13 out-of-state registrants who came to Ohio to register voters in Columbus for the group Vote From Home. The group all lived out of the same rented 1,175-square-foot house in Ohio, registered to vote and then most of them either cast early voting ballots or submitted applications for absentee ballots before leaving the state. They have agreed to have all of their ballots canceled in exchange for the prosecutor’s decision not to file charges.

There is no question to where these illegal votes are going. The ties between ACORN and Barak Obama are strong and go back to his days as a “community organizer.” Remember that Barack Obama himself has given instruction to ACORN on “get out the vote” techniques. His campaign has also given ACORN $800,000 in this election cycle for “get out the vote” work.

More democrat vote fraud in Ohio

October 30, 2008

Here is another case of a democrat illegally registering to vote in Ohio.

Amy Little, 49, has been a registered Democrat in New York since 1991, and Ulster County election officials said she voted in the party primary here in February.

But in October, Little registered to vote in Ohio.

Her boss, democrat Congressman John Hall fired her. She had the bad luck to get caught and actually have her crime published in the local media.

HT to Mr. Reynolds.

Massachusetts democrat arrested by the FBI

October 28, 2008

Color me not surprised. In fact, the real question is what took them so long?
Multiple term democrat Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson was charged with attempted extortion as a public official and theft of honest services as a state senator. She faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines on each count.

This is not Senator Wilkerson’s first brush with corruption.
The number of times this fine example of the Massachusetts democrat party has been reelected: six.

Massive fundraising fraud at the Obama Campaign.

October 25, 2008

Barack Obama may now be running the biggest underground finance operation since Nixon deployed the plumbers as his key operatives in 1972.

They Knew.

October 25, 2008

Thirteen Barack Obama campaign workers, including Obama Ohio spokeswoman Olivia Alair “requested” that an Ohio elections board to pull their names from the rolls.

This came after a local prosecutor told the Obama Campaign staff in Ohio that all of their workers who filed voter registration forms in Ohio had to meet permanent-residency rules, or face possible felony charges.

HT to Mr. Reynolds.

Revenge of the PUMAs!

October 11, 2008

It’s seems that Hillary Clinton supporters are working with the FBI in a RICO case against the extremely pro-Obama ACORN.

Brings new meaning to “Payback is a bitch.”

The HRC supporters are still pissed as Hell over the Obama campaign’s tactics in the caucus states during the primary. (As documented in We Will Not Be Silenced.)

Accord to HillBuzz:

What’s happening here is something we have never seen before: centrist Clinton Democrats and Republicans are working together to expose the DNC and Obama campaign’s illegal activities and orchestrated, coordinated fraud. Both parties are working with federal agents to investigate ACORN, which has been funded with upwards of $800,000 in questionable donations from the Obama campaign (in what appears to be the expressed and explicit direction to engineer voter fraud in the general election). The tactics being employed now in the 15 states currently under investigation are the VERY SAME TACTICS we saw on the ground in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, and other states working for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

And all of this ties back to Chicago.

Where the Obama campaign and DNC are now based.

Where people we know tip us off to little things to pay attention to that, when pieced together with all the other little pieces that are revealing themselves, leads to a single conclusion: there will be indictments for all of this.

It looks like Obama’s chickens

…wait for it…

are coming home to roost!

HT to Ace.

Delicious Snark on pirates in way over their heads

September 29, 2008

Tamara K. delivers this mornings yummy, yummy snark.

…when you climb aboard a ship and find it filled to the gunwales with 33 Ukrainian T-72 tanks destined for gawd-only-knows where, it might be prudent to just climb quietly back off and motor away, because that’s the sort of thievery that’s going to draw attention.

Now, it strikes me that the sort of people who go shipping half a battalion’s worth of main battle tanks around the seven seas are not the kind of people to take it lying down when their cargo goes missing. Boarding a ship and finding it full of tanks would be like burglarizing a house and finding a plaque on the mantlepiece “To Vinnie for faithful service. Love Don and the rest of the guys at La Cosa Nostra Enterprises”; the sensible criminal would just let himself out and apologize for the disturbance. Instead, our Somali rocket scientists are holed up on the boat and surrounded by warships.

The warships are there because the various governments of civilized and semi-civilized countries with interests in the area are wondering where the tanks were going. Kenya claims they purchased them at the big Labor Day Sale at Crazy Ivan’s Used Tank Lot, but seems to be having difficulty coming up with a receipt.