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Fighting in the leftist ranks

February 4, 2009

It seems that it is not all harmony, rainbows, and unicorns inside the democrat party.
First, from the Hill:

A group of more than 50 House Democrats has penned a letter to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) imploring him to “restore this institution” and see that the House returns to a “regular order” process of legislating.

The letter, signed by a large number of the conservative Blue Dog Coalition and the centrist New Democratic Coalition, has not yet been sent. Members are still gathering signatures in an effort to send the strongest signal possible to all top House Democrats that the caucus is up in arms over the top-down method of legislating employed by Democrats since late last year.

It seems that all democrats are not thrilled with the iron fisted rule of Speaker Pelosi.

Then there is this from Politico:

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) — one of the lead Blue Dogs — made a startling admission to lefty Liberadio on Sunday, suggesting the White House quietly encouraged him to buck House leadership on the stimulus.

Cooper was one of 11 Dems to vote no — joining every GOP House member.

“Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I actually got some quiet encouragement from the Obama folks for what I’m doing,” said Cooper, one of about 55 House Democrats to sign a letter criticizing Speaker Nancy Pelosi for suspending normal debate and committee rules on the $819 billion package.

Say what you want about our Dear Leader, but he is smart fellow and very savvy politically. He understands that Pelosi is a greater threat to him than the Republican party at this point.

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Congress shows that it is out of touch with Main Street America

December 18, 2008

While most of America is tightening its belts in a declining economy, Congress is voting itself a raise.

That’s right, a $4,700 raise, on top of the $165,000 a year Senators already make. A tax payer funded salary they collect if they are doing their job or sending all their time campaigning for another tax payer funded job.

Kudos to first term democrat Rep. Harry Mitchell of Arizona. He sponsored legislation to not have the automatic pay raise take effect. The Bill never made it out of the committee controlled by his own party.

Note to Republicans, democrat Harry Mitchell is getting votes you used to get for a damn good reason.

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What is with democrats and not paying taxes?

September 9, 2008

Add to the list New York City democrat Charles Rangel, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. Let’s be serious here, this is the guy in charge of writing tax laws and we find that he hasn’t been paying his.

Charles Rangel, a man who writes federal tax laws as head of the House Ways and Means Committee, not only failed to pay taxes on income he received from a luxury resort property he owns, he financed the purchase with an interest-free loan from a campaign backer who is also a politically active lawyer.

The democrats track records

June 10, 2008

Let’s look at what the congressional democrats promised to due when they gained power in 2006 and what they have accomplished. Floppy Aces has the tally:

[democrats] promised that if elected to power they’d:
-end the war in Iraq
-lower gasoline prices
-make the world love us
-end the partisanship in DC

Let’s see, they have completely dropped the ball on ending the war in Iraq. In fact they gone out their way to hide the fact that the surge McCain supported has worked, and that the Iraqi military is successfully doing more and more in fighting Islamofascists.

Gas prices have gone up about $2 a galleon since the democrats took over congress.
It only went up $0.66 during the first six years of the Bush 43 administration and the Republican controlled congress. So it looks like they screwed that pooch too.

Make the world love us? Well, dictators around the world are happy over the fact that liberal democrat may take control of the White House.

As for ending the partisanship in D.C., that has been an utter failure as well. The democrats have raised divisive partisanship to new levels.

There is a reason that Congress has a much lower approval rating than the President, yet the democrats want to repeat the mistakes of the worst President in modern history, Jimmy Carter.

The democrat congress

November 12, 2007

Karl Rove nails it in describing the current democrat congress:

“But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid probably aren’t in a celebrating mood. The goodwill they enjoyed after their victory is gone. Their bright campaign promises are unfulfilled. Democratic leadership is in disarray. And Congress’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest point in history,” Mr. Rove said.

“Even worse, the Democrats have made clear all their talk about ‘fiscal discipline’ is just that — talk. They’re proposing to spend $205 billion more than the president has proposed over the next five years. And the opening wedge of this binge is $22 billion more in spending proposed for the coming year. Only in Washington could someone in public life be so clueless to say, as Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi have, that $22 billion is a ‘relatively small’ difference.

“Let’s also be clear about what it means to roll back the president’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, as the Democrats want to do. Every income-tax payer will pay more as all tax rates rise. Families will pay $500 more per child as they lose the child tax credit. Taxes on small businesses would go up by an average of about $4,000. Retirees will pay higher taxes on investment retirement income. And now we have the $1 trillion tax increase proposed as ‘tax reform’ by the Democrats’ chief tax writer last month.”

The Founding Fathers would not approve

August 24, 2007

Congress, the American Nobility, as Reason Magazine points out.

So I guess once you’re elected to Congress, you’re immune from drunk driving laws; you can stash the evidence that you’ve committed a crime in your office, because investigators aren’t allowed to search it; if you kill someone because you’ve got a lead foot and blew a stop sign, the taxpayers will cover your financial liability; and, we learn today, you can commit whatever Internet-related crimes you please, because the police aren’t allowed to search your computer.

Meanwhile, the same Congress that has immunized itself from much of the law is also responsible for the ever-expanding federal criminal code, which we can thank for our shamefully enormous and still-soaring prison population, which is by far and away the largest in the world.

You have lawmakers who feel they’re above the law. And who at the same time are criminalizing anything and everything they find tacky, repugnant, or immoral.

Forgive the lofty language, but you know what? This isn’t healthy for our republic.

Damn Skippy!

The Lowest Approval Ratings Ever!

July 6, 2007

The democrats have managed to screw the pooch in record time since taking over Congress.
According to this Gallup Poll:

If the President feels bad about the nation’s opinion of him—a meager 25% of those surveyed in a June Gallup poll approve of Bush’s performance—all he needs to do is pick up that same poll and keep reading. According to Gallup, just 14% of people express confidence in the current Congress. That’s the lowest measure in the 34 years Gallup has been tracking government institutions.

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