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Nerd fashion question

June 11, 2008

Will an EEE PC fit in a pants cargo pocket?

XP SP3 due out April 29…

April 22, 2008

One article says its not that big a deal. I wonder though.

Opening up the iPhone

March 10, 2008

Apple finally released a SDK. MIT Tech Review looks at what this could mean:

“This is a huge deal,” says Ken Case, CEO of Omni Group, a company that implements ideas from David Allen’s Getting Things Done in organizational software for the Mac operating system. “Apple has built this small handheld computer that’s based around the same fundamental technology of the Mac. What [the SDK] means for us is that we now have the opportunity to build software that people have been clamoring for since the iPhone was announced.”

Businesses will be more likely to dole out iPhones to employees because, in addition to e-mail compatibility and synching ability, Apple is now offering a way for employees to access business servers that are behind firewalls. Moreover, the phones can be cleared of all data remotely, if they are lost or stolen.

Nonetheless, says Allen, it’s still not a complete free-for-all. It’s not clear whether programmers will have access to certain layers of information about the phone, such as those that could allow them to build Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards. Allen says that he hasn’t yet had a chance to dive deeply into the SDK, but he’s not sure whether it will allow for software that lets iPhone users receive data, such as instant messages, while they’re placing calls over the cellular network (something that’s not possible now).

A prediction

November 15, 2007

Microsoft is working on Service Pack 3 for XP, which is supposed to be the last service pack for XP. My prediction is that Microsoft will try to wedge in a lot of the DRM crap that makes Vista such bloatware into the final XP service pack.

My recommendation is not to let XP SP3 be installed automatically. Wait a few weeks and see what the reaction to it is first.

Vista drives one user to LINUX

March 14, 2007

John Ringo has a bad experience with Vista, and MS Customer Support and decides to switch to LINUX.
It’s long, so he has it posted as a PDF.