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Archie finally chooses

May 28, 2009

Here is the news straight from Archie Comics.

Starting with issue #600, there will be a six part story titled “Archie marries Veronica.”
Issue #600 is part one, “The Proposal.

The cover art shows Betty standing outside the jewelry store, where Archie is on one knee and Veronica is saying “Yes!”. Betty is clearly crying and yes, you Hooper X fans out there, Jughead is outside too and he looks a little broken up.

Originally posted at the Urbin Report.

Iron Man

May 2, 2008

I saw it. Good movie. Robert Downey, Jr. really carried it. He did a great job. It seemed to me that Jeff Bridges was doing a Kris Kristofferson impression the entire movie. Stick through the credits for the Samuel Jackson appearance.