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The video CNN doesn’t want you to see.

April 20, 2009

Another false Sarah Palin rumor being spread by the DNC/MSM

September 24, 2008

Seriously, it’s like the bulk of the MSM is in the tank for Barak H. Obama.

Just a little bit bit of actual investigative reporting would show the “rape kit charges” rumor is a complete fabrication, but that seems like too much work for CNN.

The democrats Big Lie

September 5, 2008

CNN parrots the democratsBig Lie” in this DNC press release they are trying to pass off as a “news story.”

The DNC is trying to pass off McCain as a “more of the same” Washington Insider. You know the type, democrat VP candidate Joe Biden is a perfect example. Biden has been in the Senate longer than McCain and is a loyal foot solider in the democrats plan for bigger government and higher taxes.

The so-called CNN “News Story” goes on to spout DNC propaganda by claiming that the Uber-partisan far left extremist Barak Obama will “he’ll cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families, provide affordable health care to every American, end the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas and eliminate the oil we import from the Middle East in 10 years.” The DNC mouthpiece left out that every child will get a pony as well. Rational thinking adults who pay attention remember that Obama has detailed plans to spend tens of billions of additional tax payer dollars and is really, really fuzzy on how he plans to pay for them (other than jacking taxes on productive, working Americans through the roof).

Here are some actual facts to counter balance the CNN/DNC propaganda piece.

Senator John McCain may not be much of a “Conservative”, but unlike the extremely partisan far left Barak Hussein Obama, he has a history of working bi-partisanly to get things done. That is something BO has never done in his political career.

Former “Community Organizer” Obama doesn’t have much of a record of actually fighting corruption either. His record in the Illinois state legislature consists mostly of voting “present.” Alaska Governor Sarah Palin however, has a solid record of fighting corruption, including rooting it out in her own party. The democrats record on that is extremely poor (Congress critter “Cold Cash” Jefferson is a prime example).

Getting around the New Media

December 14, 2007

CNN Round Up

November 30, 2007

Hugh Hewitt calls CNN “The Most Busted Name in News”

John Podhoretz, CNN: The Last Name In News

CNN’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

Still more democrat plants at the CNN Republican debate

November 29, 2007

By way of Ace, is Scott of Powerline:

The latest plants? The Social Security question asked by an activist who quit his job to work with Dick Durbin on Social Security; the guy begging Ron Paul to run as an Independent and guarantee a Democratic victory is a Bill Richardson supporter.

Jason Coleman
finds another one:

The guy who asked the question about corn subsidies, Ted Faturos, is a former intern for Democrat Congresswoman Jane Harman.

Stephen Green nails it:

What we really saw tonight was CNN playing out its own agenda in front of a couple million viewers and seven or eight candidates, without anyone calling them on it.

Hot Air has the videos of CNN “weeding the plants”. No mention of all these democrats posing as undecided Republicans at the CNN site though.

democrats plants at Republican CNN debate

November 29, 2007

A bad showing again by CNN.
Details at Michelle Malkin and WizBang.

Abortion questioner is declared Edwards supporter (and a slobbering Anderson Cooper fan); Log Cabin Republican questioner is declared Obama supporter; lead toy questioner is a prominent union activist for the Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers

Planted CNN questions for Dem debate : “Do you like diamonds or pearls? Tee-hee!” from Dem politcal activists.

Planted CNN question for Repub debate: Hard-hitting politically charged question from Dem political activists.

Nope. No bias at CNN.

Cover Up at CNN

November 18, 2007

Doug Ross points out that the Clinton News Network is trying to cover up their participation in the farce that was the last democrat so called “debate”.

Questions by former Arkansas democrat party official LaShannon Spencer, who was supposedly a “randomly selected undecided voter”, have been purged from the CNN transcripts. Too bad for the Clinton News Network, other copies of the original transcripts exist.

One lesson that the last 30+ years of American politics has driven home is that the cover up will get you into more trouble than the crime itself. Hopefully this will be true for CNN and their unethical support for HRC instead of being an impartial moderator.

A look at the latest debate

November 17, 2007

The democrat got together in Las Vegas and it appears that Hillary Rodham Clinton got her Inevitability train back on track. Obama acted like a unexperienced state senator from Illinois and Edwards attempts at attacks on Hillary were derailed boos from the audience. Hillary spoke what were probably the most honest words of the evening when she said that she was attacked not because she was a woman, but because she was in the lead. That was of course, after telling a flat out lie, i.e. denying playing the gender card. Her campaign, including her husband, William Jefferson “B.J.” Clinton, played that gender card loud and hard.

The only other person who looked Presidential on that stage was Joe Biden, not that it is going to do him any good. His campaign for President is toast. His chance at the VP slot or a strong cabinet post under HRC, SecDef or Secretary of State, just got better though.

The real story is the debate itself thought. It appears that HRC made her comeback from her last poor performance with the willing aide of her conspirators at the Clinton News Network.

Let us review some the key points that back up that statement.
Hot Air points out that one of the “random undecided” voters that was were selected to ask a question is actually a democrat party official from Arkansas!

The “Diamonds or Pearls” question was selected by CNN, not the UNLV student who asked it.

“Every single question asked during the debate by the audience had to be approved by CNN,” Luisa writes. “I was asked to submit questions including “lighthearted/fun” questions. I submitted more than five questions on issues important to me. I did a policy memo on Yucca Mountain a year ago and was the finalist for the Truman Scholarship. For sure, I thought I would get to ask the Yucca question that was APPROVED by CNN days in advance.”…

That’s what the media does. See, the media chose what they wanted, not what the people or audience really wanted. That’s politics; that’s reality.

Doug Ross has more details on these two and two more so-called “random” democrat voters. These include a well-known antiwar activist and the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada, who has appeared on CNN before!

It was also clear that the so called “moderators” from CNN were squarely in the Hillary Camp. Wolf Blitzer just obviously rolled and spread to make his position as Hillary’s Bitch very clear. He took the warnings from HRC’s campaign very seriously it seems.

Mike points out how Blitzer followed the script he was given

Wolf dutifully complied by offering mostly softballs and never once asked Hillary about the scandals which already make her campaign look more and more like a repeat of her husband’s campaigns. No question about Chinese funny money fundraising. No question about the off limits papers at the Clinton Liebrary. No question about planting campaign questions at Hillary events. No question about why she changed her position on illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses.

The Clinton effort paid off. After the debate, a Clinton senior advisor said Blitzer: “was outstanding, and did not gang up like Russert did in Philadelphia. He avoided personal attacks, remained professional and ran the best debate so far.” Dick Morris saw it differently: “Blitzer checked his journalistic instincts at the door.” I’d say Blitzer checked his integrity at the door too.

So this was the “debate” that wasn’t. It was a carefully scripted performance put on by the HRC campaign and their conspirators at the Clinton News Network. It was also a scary preview into what “mainstream journalism” will be under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Update: Jenny Bea has been digging deep into this, including this interesting bit of information:

I looked up CNN’s transcripts of the debate, to find out who they are. At the same time, I paid attention to other blogs and news outlets, to find some mention of The Diamonds and Pearls girl, being Maria Luisa, and CNN made her ask her question. She said she felt stupid, because she wanted to ask a question about Yucca Mountain. There were links to her My Space page, indicating she was 15.

But the transcripts said her name was Maria Parra-Sandoval and she was a student at UNLV, and in the video clips of that question, that’s what she said her name was. Interesting that no one picked that up. So I popped her name into my Yahoo search engine to discover that Luisa is her middle name, her full name is Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, and she worked in Harry Reid’s office in Nevada and DC. (Picture on page 23) She was also invited as a guest on the floor off the 74th session of Nevada Legislature, by a man named Rubin Kihuen, he was elected in 2006 and a member of the Nevada Assembly Democrats. Upon further research and a tip from a commenter on another message board, it turns out that she came here illegally from Mexico as a child with her family, but since gained legal status, and has won scholarships to attend UNLV.

Maria Luisa is Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval, and her picture is in the yearbook on one of the Nevada government websites, in addition, her name is listed as one of Harry Reid’s staff.

Again, hardly a “random” “undecided” democrat.

The silence on this issue speaks volumes.

September 7, 2007

Interestingly CNN only has one recent story show up for a search on “Norman Hsu.”

It’s from August 31, 2007
and reports that he is turning himself in. NOTHING about his failure to show up at his new court date and is once again a felon on the lamb.

They are living up to their old name of the Clinton News Network.

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