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This picture is really worth a thousand words

June 13, 2008

Note the two pictures on the wall behind this Ohio judge.
Cult of Che meets the Cult of Obama.

Giving Hillary some credit…

February 12, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton may be the idealogical daughter of Lenin and Stalin, but at least she is smart enough not to blatantly advertise the fact.

That is not the case with some Barak H. Obama staffers, who have Cuban flags with the face of that murdering communist thug Che (who got better than he deserved) up in the Obama campaign office in Texas.

One could call them “honest” democrats.

Remember kids, Communism isn’t cool.

The Venezuela people on the murdering thug Che

December 9, 2007

By way of Transterrestrial Musings is this story:

“We do not want a monument to Che, he is not an example for our children,” said a note left at the scene of the monument shattered by six gunshots, according to El Universal newspaper.

Mr. Simberg nails it, “Given Che’s methods, taking it down with six gunshots seems appropriate.”

Your morning dose of reality

October 7, 2007

For all the leftie morons with Che shirts:

as far as I can tell, there is no memorial, no place of pilgrimage for the countless lives extinguished by Guevara; those accused of being “counterrevolutionary traitors,” for instance. Take this diary entry from 1957, in which Che explains how he dealt with someone suspected of being a spy in the rebel’s Sierra Maestra camp: “I ended the problem with a .32 caliber pistol, in the right side of his brain…. His belongings were now mine.”

In 2002, Cynthia Grenier read through Che’s Congo diaries and found that “the beloved revolutionary icon sounds pretty much like an old-fashioned racist…”

HT to Mr. Reynolds

The Real Che

May 2, 2007

Cuban Historian Humberto Fontova, who escaped Castro’s Cuba in 1961, has a book out that tells the truth about one of Castro’s murdering thugs.
Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him

May Day

May 1, 2005

A day to light a candle in rememberance of the One Hundred Million Dead people killed by Marxist governments.

Ask the next usefull idiot you see wearing a Che shirt if they would wear a shirt with Adolf Hitler’s picture to a synagogue?