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The Green Enron

August 21, 2009

Massive scandal over in Europe over “Cap & Trade” style “Carbon Offset Credit” trading.

Reported ties to organized crime as Euro-criminals follow in Al Gore’s footsteps.

Al Gore needs to take his road show to China

September 25, 2008

Al Gore, who founded and runs a company that sellsCarbon Offset Credits,” is calling for “civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants.”

Perhaps Mr. Gore needs reminding of the rapid rate that Communist China is building dirty coal fired power plants.

Instead of trying to sabotage the US economy, he should try taking his show to Communist China and see how well it plays there.

I certainly hope so…

July 29, 2008

Classical Values makes a prediction:

The era of carbon craziness is almost over.

I certainly hope so. Then Algore and his fellow scam artists will be exposed for the fear mongers they are and the Watermelons will have their socialist Red cores exposed.

Another example of "democrat efficiency"

July 28, 2008

If you hadn’t heard, the democrats are trying to run their convention “Carbon Neutral.”

Well, some of that money they spend on “Carbon Credits” were wasted on a windmill generator that will never work.

This is pretty typical “democrat efficiency.” These are not the people you should be handing the keys to the country over to.

Shining some light on Algore’s bullshit

July 28, 2008

Penn & Teller call Bullshit on the Cult of Algore.

Yes, that Algore, who is making money hand over fist selling Eco-indulgences, while he is shoveling coal on the fires of “Global Warming”

Gore devours an average of 17,768 kWh per month…at a cost of $16,533. By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 kWh in an entire year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Tennessee Center for Policy Research on the massive carbon footprint of the Goracle.

Yes, the same fear mongering Al Gore who showed up to lecture people about “Global Warming” in a convoy consisting of a Cadillac SUV and two Lincoln Town Cars. Each with eight cylinders of carbon producing, gas guzzling, power.

Don’t forget that before he started on his “Save the Planet from Global Warming” campaign, he used his family’s big oil money to found a “Carbon Offset” company. So he’s making money hand over fist by playing on your fears.

Here are 11 “Inconvenient Truths” For Al Gore that he doesn’t want to deal with.

HT to Hot Air and NewsBusters.

Don’t miss Penn & Teller exposing the Socialist roots of “the Green movement.”

Update: Al Gore chickens out on actual debate and Al Gore Blames Global Warming For Cyclone, Bad Construction.

"Green" Celebs with massive Carbon Footprints

May 6, 2008

The Daily Mail has a good article on celebrities that tell their fans to use less while they consume massive amounts of, well just about everything, and produce giant carbon footprints.
Some of the biggest hypocrites:

Chris Martin of the uber-whiny band Cold Play, who racks up at least 100,000 miles a year on his private jet.

John Travolta, a pilot who owns five private jets (a Boeing 707, three Gulfstreams and a Learjet). He has been known to fly, by himself, across the Atlantic, in the 707, which can carry up to 150 passengers.

Meanwhile, at Turtle Bay…

April 14, 2008

Yet another UN scandal, to the surprise of no one who pays attention.
Doug Ross has the Executive Summary:

Executive Summary: the UN has facilitated a “fraudulent” market worth tens of billions of dollars that was justified by a critical report; this report was authored by the very project developers and “auditors” who would profit from the report’s publication. This appears to be a major UN scandal that could surpass the Oil-for-Food Program in terms of total economic impact.

Read the whole thing.

No Surprise Here

January 29, 2008

What did the US Congress get for the “Carbon Offsets” it paid for with taxpayer dollars? As Captain Ed points out, absolutely nothing.

No surprise to anyone paying attention.

Carbon Offset Scams

January 14, 2008

No surprise here. The New York Times is finally admitting that a lot of money spent on this scam of the Cult of Algore is lining the pockets of con artists.

As more companies use offset programs to create an environmental halo over their products, the commission said it was growing increasingly concerned that some green marketing assertions were not substantiated. Environmentalists have a word for such misleading advertising: “greenwashing.”

With the rapid growth of green programs like carbon offsets, “there’s a heightened potential for deception,” said Deborah Platt Majoras, chairwoman of the commission.

Only one in five?

November 30, 2007

The Guardian reports:

“One in five carbon credits issued by the United Nations are going to support clean energy projects that may in fact have helped to increase greenhouse gas emissions, environmental group WWF said on Thursday.”

So, 20% of money paid to the United Nations to help fight “Global Warming” is actually doing the exact opposite of the the donors want. I’m shocked the total fuck up rate is so low.

HT to Mr. Reynolds