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Morning Quotes

September 4, 2007

“If George Bush is the fascist these people claim how come they are not at Gitmo? Actually letting them loose with their paranoia is much more fun. It is a great way to discredit their arguments. How diabolical!” — PrairiePundit – The gulags of the liberal mind

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was quite explicit about using abortion as a tool to reduce the minority population. She said the goal of Planned Parenthood was to “give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.” Even today, talk to any white liberal about abortion and within 60 seconds he will raise the black “overpopulation” problem.

“Wearing a Che shirt in a free nation is as disgusting as wearing a Heinrich Himmler shirt in Tel Aviv.” — Leslie Bates

“I’ve never seen so much goose-stepping as I have in the shadow of Moore’s fat ass.” — Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr

“Cover the Democrats for any length of time and you become expert in campaigns that don’t seem to be about anything. They have policies; Democrats are good at policies. But all too often the campaigns lack a message–a sense of what the candidate’s about and what he aims to do.” — Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson

Waco: How liberals seperate Church and State.

It’s the economy, stupid!

July 31, 2007

The AP reports: Consumer Confidence Rebounds in July to 6-Year High Amid Healthy Employment Outlook

Consumer confidence hit a six-year high in July, a widely watched gauge of sentiment showed on Tuesday, as Americans shrugged off falling home prices to focus on a healthy jobs market, instead.

The New York-based Conference Board said that its Consumer Confidence Index, rebounded to 112.6, its highest level since August 2001 when it recorded a 114.0 reading. That compared to a revised 105.3 in June. The July 24 cutoff for the preliminary survey of 5,000 U.S. households was before last week’s stock market tumble, however.

“An improvement in business conditions and the job market has lifted consumers’ spirits in July,” said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center. “Looking ahead, consumers are more upbeat about short-term economic prospects, mainly the result of a decline in the number of pessimists, not an increase in the number of optimists. This rebound in confidence suggests economic activity may gather a little momentum in the coming months.”

That “Bush Economy” is going great.

The Bush Economy

July 6, 2007

Ken at SayAnything points out the truth of the matter:

Via Lorie Byrd at Wizbang we learn what the MSM refuses to tell us: the Bush economy is fricking stellar.

Mind you, in all fairness President Bush really has little to do with this. The president’s power over the economy is routinely overstated – as if the federal government is the be all and end all of economic health in the nation.

But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If we are to believe that Bill Clinton belongs in the upper tier of presidential quality due to the awesomely powerful unbelievable greatness of the economy during his tenure, the same goes for Bush 43.

Oh, did I mention that the most recent unemployment figures remained at 4.5%…There was a time when this would have been considered dangerously inflationary. But now, with inflation well under control, I guess these are two more statistics the MSM wants to hide from you.

P.S. I suppose it is fair to point out that Bush’s economic stats would be even better if he didn’t have to contend with the Clinton recession when he assumed office.

President Bush’s former TANG commander speaks out.

September 24, 2004

Colonel Morrisey, TANG, ret. said the following:

“Bush and the others were flying several flights day or night over the Gulf of Mexico to identify the unknown,” he said. “The Cold War was a nervous time. You never knew. There were other things going on equally important to the country, and the Air National Guard had a primary role in it.”

Morrisey said the commander he worked for at the unit in Texas was sent there to rebuild the image of the unit. There were only two to four pilot training slots given to them per year, he said. Individuals questioned by an evaluation board and then chosen by the commander had to be the best.

“Bush was selected and he turned out just fine,” he said.

According to Morrisey, after Bush began working as a fighter pilot, he became regarded as one of the best pilots there. Unit commander Col. Maurice Udell considered Bush to be one of his top five pilots, Morrisey said.

“The kid did good,” he said.

Each pilot had to perform alert duty where they patrolled for unidentified aircraft during the threat of the Cold War, Morrisey said.

“Bush Jr. did good for us,” Morrisey said. “He pulled alert and he did it all.”

Morrisey said that while Bush didn’t get preferential treatment, not everyone was allowed into the National Guard.

“We wanted the best we could get. We never knowingly took an unworthy individual in the units I belonged to,” he said. “You’re only as good your worst individual.”

This isn’t the first time a reporter called Morrisey asking whether or not Bush received preferential treatment. Shortly after Republicans nominated Bush for president in 2000, a reporter from Texas called Morrisey.

“That floored me. The only people that got preferential treatment was when Jimmy Carter pardoned those guys that went to Canada,” he said of individuals who fled to Canada to avoid the draft during the war in Vietnam.

President Bush’s Honorable Service In The TANG

September 24, 2004

Like all Guard members, Lt. Bush was required to accrue a minimum of 50 points (annually) to meet Guard service requirements (a minimum of 300 points in six years). What the liberal media may not have covered in their many articles about Lt. Bush’s ANG service is that Lt. Bush accumulated 954 points – exceeding the six-year Air National Guard requirement for service – threefold. Of course, everyone knows this, right? All those investigative reporters must have brought this fact out a dozen times. I just must have missed it.

Read the whole article here.

What a difference eight years makes.

September 15, 2004

Mr. Harris sums up liberal arguments.

September 15, 2004

Mr. Harris says:

Let me see if I properly understand your argument…

1) Everything the Swifties said was a lie because one US$100k contributor to their effort was a Republican. That Kerry was forced to revise at least two elements of his decades-old personal narrative because of them has no bearing on this determination whatsoever.

2) Barnes, a major fundraiser (US$500k+) for Kerry’s campaign, has said for decades – under oath even – that he was not asked by Bush’s family to help get him into the Guard. But now when says he was lying all those years (contradicted by his own family) he’s telling the truth.

3) This same man, his candidate down in the polls and rapidly losing steam, now also ‘admits’ to an an act of extreme corruption, for which he was ultimately compensated to the tune of US$23 million.

4) Bush, at the time, was a candidate, not an officeholder and, as such, had no actual power. But he was terrified that people would find out the shocking news that, as the son of a Congressman, he’d gotten special treatment to get into the Guard, so he gave in to Barnes’ extortion and exercised power he didn’t have to help Barnes’ client.

5) Ergo, Bush is corrupt and cannot be believed.

Truly you have a dizzying intellect.