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On to New Hampshire!

January 4, 2008

It’s official, the “Inevitable” winner Hillary Rodham Clinton got her considerable ass kicked by both the guy who was a state legislator in a fly over state a few years ago and the fear mongering Breck Boy in Iowa. Obama beat her by a solid nine points! She couldn’t even beat a class warfare trial lawyer who couldn’t even carry his own state in the 2004 elections. A very poor showing for the woman who be Queen.

Update: Two telling items from Iowa. One, Obama beat HRC among women democrat voters. That bears repeating, Barak Hussein Obama got more support than Hillary Rodham Clinton did in what should have been her core support group. Two, Over 70% of democrat voters in Iowa voted for somebody other than She Would Be Queen, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Iowa Predictions

January 2, 2008

By way of Rightwing Sparkle comes this:

Political Wire got an advance look at a new Strategic Vision poll in Iowa that shows Sen. Barack Obama leading the Democratic presidential race with 32% support, followed by John Edwards at 29% and Sen. Hillary Clinton at 27%.

I know that less than 10% of Iowa voters bother to caucus, and that poll shows Obama, Edwards and Mrs. Bill Clinton in pretty much a dead heat.

It would be cool to see Hillary Rodham Clinton get her “Inevitability” train derailed through by her coming in third, behind Obama and the Breck Boy.

Interesting enough, Obama, Edwards, Clinton is how Bob Nowak calls it, with Governor Richardson coming in fourth.

UPDATE: Hillary must be running scared about coming in third as well. Bryan at Hot Air notes that she is engaging in an “ass covering” exercise, or as he puts it “Embarrassment Prevention 101.”
ABC News puts a more pro-HRC spin on it:

As the presidential candidates engage in furious pre-caucus spin, one of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Iowa supporters said Wednesday that she’s already accomplished what she needs to in Iowa and can declare success even if she finishes in third place.

That is what we in the reality shared by rational adults call “bullshit.” HRC has been claiming to the anointed front runner with her victories a matter of “inevitability.” Getting beat by some one who was a state senator in a “flyover state” a few years ago and the Breck Boy is a major loss, no matter how much she and her political attack machine try to lie about it.

Breck Boy attacked in Second Life

March 3, 2007

John Edwards, who has a mansion that just may have a bigger carbon footprint than Algore, tried setting up a campaign precense in Second Life. He was attacked by poo flinging communists. They probably prefer Hillary Rodham Clinton anyway.