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About the blog roll…

December 29, 2008

I’ll be glad when is back up and running. My blog roll really needs pruning.

When did the Bitch Girls blog become a food blog?

Ok, that was annoying

March 16, 2008

New Blogger templates wacked a lot of my side bar, and it doesn’t seem to have a way to go back. I’ll be putting stuff back over time.

I’ll try to get the good haloscan comments back this afternoon.

Additional stuff

November 19, 2007

Plenty of new material at No Moss Here.


November 8, 2007

I just noticed that I got bumped to “Flappy Bird” status.
Wonder how long that will last?

New addition to the blogroll

June 24, 2007

No Moss Here. It’s my tumblr blog. Google killed the old blogger API, making my favorite posting client non-functional.

Since Google made it hard to do quick and dirty posts with a simple client, I’ll now do so over at No Moss Here.

Next step, try to get the No Moss Here RSS feed to automatically show up in this blog.