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New books out…

August 5, 2008

In the interest of “equal time”, let’s look at the left’s latest BDS hit piece by Ron Suskind. As the Confederate Yankee points out, it only works because history is not the strong point of most leftists.

According to author Ron Suskind (who shockingly, is trying to sell a book to the “Bushitler” base) the Bush Administration ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document that would be used as false pretenses to help justify the Iraq War.

According to Suskind, the forged letter written to justify the invasion was released in December, 2003.

But the war began 9 months prior to the release of the document in the media, meaning they would have forged a document they didn’t use for its intended purpose.

His “false pretenses” motive is obviously wrong.

Now let us mosey over to the Right side of the reading room to get the story the liberal media won’t touch. An honest, truthful look at Barak H. Obama.

First we have The Obama Nation. This book goes beyond the “Cult of Personality” and takes a deep, detailed look at the history behind the Chicago democrat Machine politician. Before the lefties start screaming, note that the author has a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University. Hardly a hotbed of right wing politics.

Next is The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.
A look behind the curtain the DNC/MSM is trying to draw to hide the far left agenda and background of Barak Hussein Obama. Who, less we forget, has a fraction of the experience that Dan Quayle had when he first ran for Vice-President in 1988.

These books about Obama will bring up the facts that Chris Matthews and the rest of the Obama fan club in the DNC/MSM never will.

"one of the most embarrassing chapters in American journalism"

May 28, 2008

Kyle Drennen correct points out that would be former CBS News anchorDan Rather, using fraudulent National Guard memos to attempt to smear President Bush just prior to the 2004 election.”

The lone honest democrat speaks up

November 10, 2007

Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut speaks the truth about his party:

Since retaking Congress in November 2006, the top foreign policy priority of the Democratic Party has not been to expand the size of our military for the war on terror or to strengthen our democracy promotion efforts in the Middle East or to prevail in Afghanistan. It has been to pull our troops out of Iraq, to abandon the democratically-elected government there, and to hand a defeat to President Bush.

Iraq has become the singular litmus test for Democratic candidates. No Democratic presidential primary candidate today speaks of America’s moral or strategic responsibility to stand with the Iraqi people against the totalitarian forces of radical Islam, or of the consequences of handing a victory in Iraq to al Qaeda and Iran. And if they did, their campaign would be as unsuccessful as mine was in 2006. Even as evidence has mounted that General Petraeus’ new counterinsurgency strategy is succeeding, Democrats have remained emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq, reluctant to acknowledge the progress we are now achieving, or even that that progress has enabled us to begin drawing down our troops there.

I asked some of my Senate colleagues who voted against our amendment: “Do you believe the evidence the military has given us about the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard] sponsoring these attacks on our troops?” Yes, they invariably said. “Don’t you support tougher economic sanctions against Iran?” I asked. Again, yes – no question. So what’s the problem, I asked. “It’s simple,” they said. “We don’t trust Bush. He’ll use this resolution as an excuse for war against Iran.”.

there is something profoundly wrong – something that should trouble all of us – when we have elected Democratic officials who seem more worried about how the Bush administration might respond to Iran’s murder of our troops, than about the fact that Iran is murdering our troops. There is likewise something profoundly wrong when we see candidates who are willing to pander to this politically paranoid, hyper-partisan sentiment in the Democratic base – even if it sends a message of weakness and division to the Iranian regime.

HT to Dissecting Leftism

Reporting the truth is obviously not a priority at CBS.

January 13, 2005

There’s more. From DGCI, Howard Kurtz chimes in on Rathergate and the CBS “investigation”.

If there is one line in the 224-page report on CBS News that has set critics aflame, it is that there is no “basis” for concluding that Dan Rather and his colleagues had a “political bias” in pursuing their badly botched story about President Bush’s National Guard service.

What, they say? No evidence?

“In any fair-minded assessment of how CBS performed and why they so badly butchered their own standards, that has to be part of the explanation,” said former New York Times reporter Steve Roberts, now a professor at George Washington University. “It’s not just that they wanted to be first, they wanted to be first with a story that was critical of the president.”

Still more…Austin Bay deals with a damn good quesiton:
“If it was common knowledge that Mr.Burkett was something of a Bush-hating crank, why would someone of Ms. Mapes/Mr. Rather [ed: ilk? position?] accept information passed to him?”