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Damn You John Ringo! Damn You!

October 2, 2009

First off, ya…I’m a big fan of John Ringo’s books, and he’s written a lot of them. I’ve been reading the Sluggy Freelance comic, which gets a lot of references in his books, even longer and I’m a long time Schlock Mercenary fan too.

I took a peek at the leaked advanced chapters for his next book, Live Free or Die, over at Buckley’s site (ya, that Buckley) and Ringo explains in the forward that this book is “sort of playing about” in the Schlock Mercenary universe, but back when the galactic civilization first made contact with Earth.

Now to highlight what an evil being John Ringo is (something he freely and perhaps just a bit too gleefully admits), this book won’t be released until February 2010. Oh…Baen will have an e-ARC version available earlier, which could be mind for about the cost of the hardcover that won’t be out for another four months.

Ok, so both John Ringo and Baen Books are EVIL! I say that with the highest level of respect for their grasp of the capitalistic system.

While I’m here, I’ll put in a good word for Baen’s ebook sales. No DRM (i.e. the copy ‘protection’ crap that assumes that their paying customers are thieves), available in multiple formats, and when new books are released in hardcover, you can pick up the e-book version, direct from Baen, for usually $6. If that is still too much for you, check out what they have on the net for free! If you haven’t read of any of John Ringo’s books, you can read seven of his book for free.

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Monday Book Pick: Princess of Wands

April 27, 2009

Princess of Wands by John Ringo

A slightly different hero than the genre usally sees in this modern day horror/adventure tale by NY Times best selling author John Ringo.

Barbara Everett is a Christian soccer mom from the southeastern United States. Who just happens to an expert in martial arts and combat shooting. Which comes in handy when Lovecraftian evil comes a calling on her quiet vacation spot. This book is actually a collection of several stories, including one that takes place mostly at a SciFi/Fantasy con. A lot of industry inside baseball in that one, which makes it way cool.

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Monday Book Pick

February 23, 2009

The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester

A well written tale of betrayal, revenge and englightment. A SciFi classic from the 1950s.

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Monday Book Pick

February 16, 2009

Ghost by John Ringo.

Best known for his military themed Science Fiction, John Ringo breaks away from that mold for this modern day military/political thriller with a bit of serious B&D based sex thrown in for good measure. To give you an idea of the level action (i.e. violence against bad guys) is this book, here is what Richard Marcinko, “The Rogue Warrior” himself had to say about it: “John Ringo’s done it again! Ghost is a complete adrenaline rush, filled with nonstop, kick ass action and hair-raising suspense.”
The overt level of sex in this book (which tones down later books but is still present) put some of his fans off, but in my opinion, it’s about as shocking to todays mainstream literature as Ian Flemings sex scenes where in the 1960’s James Bond books.
If you like rough and tumble close quarters military action, especially where terrorists drop like flies, and are not upset by equally rough and tumble sex, you will like Ghost.

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Monday Book Pick

January 19, 2009

March Upcountry by David Weber and John Ringo

The first book in a fast paced action/adventure series set on primative planet in the far future. It has a spoiled Prince (third child of the current head of the Empire of Man), Space Marines, four armed natives that John Carter would probably recognize, deadly jungles, deadly battles against amazing odds and tells the story of a Imperial Heir having to come to face with his heritage and responibilities.

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Shedding some reality on Organic Farming

January 18, 2009

Penn & Teller are going to shine some reality on “organic farming” on an upcoming episode of Bullshit.

Bandit Six would approve.

Monday’s Book Pick

December 8, 2008

Caliphate by Tom Kratman

A good adventure story and a cautionary tale as well. The basis for this alterante future history story is current birth rate trend in Europe and the current political policies of many European countries.

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Doc Travis interviews

November 17, 2008

BlackFive’s interview series with Military SciFi authors continues with Travis Taylor.

Election Day repost: Choose Wisely

November 4, 2008

The words of Bandit Six:

So every four years we elect a king. Since people like consistency, we tend to elect the same king as many times as we can get away with. (See previous paragraph.) And the king, especially in any sort of emergency, has a lot of power. They don’t always, or even most of the time, have enough to fix things right away. But they’ve got a lot of power.
Including the power to totally screw things up.

For the kids reading this, this is a very important point. When you choose your king, forget most of the reasons you think you should vote for the king. Mostly, the king can’t do much about the economy but ruin it. They can’t make you richer or smarter (although they can manage the reverse). If you want one suggestion, think about all the contingencies under which that king (or queen in this case) may hold your lives in his or her hands. And choose wisely.

Originally posted on 8/1/08.

Friday’s Book Pick

October 24, 2008

By popular demand, John Ringo‘s The Last Centurion.

Here is the review I posted on Amazon:

As John Ringo promised, there is something in here to “annoy” just about everyone. Ok, he didn’t use the word “annoy”, but I’m trying to keep this review “family friendly.”

It’s a “worst case scenario” story. The whole world has gone to Hell in a Handbasket and someone has to clean up the mess. This someone is Bandit Six. An infantry officer stuck in a bad mess and trying to make the best of it.

How bad are things? Well, Bird Flu makes the species jump and is deadly. A large chuck of the human population is killed off, especially in areas with little or no health care, and areas with heath care systems that are regulated by the state don’t do as well as areas with well funded free market systems (ok, axe one is being ground here).

John Ringo’s politics are clearly right leaning Libertarian, but he doesn’t mind rubbing those groups noses in their faults either.

Oh ya, the world gets cold, fast. The global cooling we were promised back in the 1970s hits fast and hard. Those expecting global warming were caught completely off guard.

So, in many places, the infrastructure of civilization is falling apart because the people who operate it are either dying or trying to stay alive, what were the “breadbaskets” of the world are suffering from long winters and short cool summers, and Bandit Six is stuck in Iran guarding Billions of dollars of military equipment when the US pulled its troops back to the US to deal with the Bird Flu problems. Iran? Oh, by 2018, Iraq isn’t a problem, but Iran is.

Ok, so the plot is laid, and not the fun can begin. Just remember that “adventure” is someone else in deep trouble, very far away from you.

Oh ya, Bandit Six grew up on a farm and has strong opinions on organic farming.

Yup, something to annoy everyone in the family.

I heartily recommend it.

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