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The word on the street

November 19, 2007

Ann Althouse has this “man on the streets of Bagdad” report:

B]utcher Halim Sayed Ahmed, an Egyptian with a round face and hint of a moustache, is counting his lucky stars he didn’t follow the rest of his family to Cairo when the conflict began ripping Baghdad apart two years ago.

“The butchery is thriving. Sales are up 80 percent compared to the beginning of the year” when violence was at its peak, he said between mounds of freshly cut chicken pieces, mincemeat and mutton.

“I have been here 30 years and I love Baghdad,” he said. “Now that the security situation is improving, my family can return.”

Good news for Iraq, good news for citizens of Iraq, good news for the US Military and good news for America.
Thus, this is bad news for the democrats who have tied their success to America’s defeat in Iraq.

A simple truth

April 6, 2007

Cozying up to Bill Clinton is not something a feminist should be doing. Ann Althouse