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At least there is some honesty shown

May 22, 2008

Newsbusters has this story about liberal democrat actor Kevin Spacey taking about a liberal fantasy movie about the 2000 Presidential election in Florida. Spacey admits that the film is heavily biases toward the democrat fantasy view of that election. The big lie he spouts is this “It does seem that on the one hand the Bush people were trying to stop votes from being counted and the Gore people were just trying to get votes counted.”

That is, of course, utter and complete bullshit. The historic reality of the matter is that George W. Bush won the full state election, the recount of the full state election, and every one of the district recounts carefully cherry picked by the Gore campaign and the DNC. It was the democrats who tried to block neutral and Republican observers from recount rooms. It was the democrats who sent teams of hit lawyers across the states to have absentee ballots from US military personnel serving overseas (many in places the Clinton/Gore administration sent them, like Bosnia and Kosovo) thrown out, because they knew the military demographic tended to vote heavily Republican. The last thing the Gore campaign and the DNC wanted was a complete state wide recount. If they could have the votes from the entire panhandle section of Florida thrown out, they would have pushed for that too.

The democrats are spreading this revisionist history and they are preparing to to do it again, according to their advocates at MSNBC.

During MSNBC’s live coverage of the Kentucky and Oregon Democratic presidential primaries on Tuesday, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell seemed to take seriously suggestions by Hillary Clinton “loyalists” who argue that Republicans in control of the election process in some red states Barack Obama hopes to carry may deny him a “fair vote” in the November general election.

This is a sad truth about the democrats, they have to lie, not only to attempt to win elections, but they also feel the need to lie about why they loose elections. The truth just isn’t in them.