A quick review of history

See democrats Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks, Lacy Clay, Artur Davis and Barney Frank defend Freddie/Frannie and attack calls for regulations. Maxine Waters goes as far to defend the policy of giving government insured loans to people who can’t pay for them. See one of our Dear Leader‘s financial advisers claim that houses are “risk free.”

See Republicans Ed Royce, Christopher Shays, Don Manzullo call for regulation and point out that Freddie/Fannie are not covered by Sarbanes-Oxley.

There are some Republican congresscritters who should be testifying in orange prison jumpsuits along with Waters, Frank, Dowd and the other democrats who engineered the housing market meltdown for political gain. The CRA, however is at the root of the housing market meltdown and is a creation of the democrat party and was designed to buy votes using federal taxpayer money.

Anyone who tries to tell you that the current financial meltdown is purely the fault of President G.W. Bush (although he does share some of the blame), is either ignorant of the basic facts or is lying in order to promote a hyper-partisan far left agenda.

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