Monday Book Pick

Ghost by John Ringo.

Best known for his military themed Science Fiction, John Ringo breaks away from that mold for this modern day military/political thriller with a bit of serious B&D based sex thrown in for good measure. To give you an idea of the level action (i.e. violence against bad guys) is this book, here is what Richard Marcinko, “The Rogue Warrior” himself had to say about it: “John Ringo’s done it again! Ghost is a complete adrenaline rush, filled with nonstop, kick ass action and hair-raising suspense.”
The overt level of sex in this book (which tones down later books but is still present) put some of his fans off, but in my opinion, it’s about as shocking to todays mainstream literature as Ian Flemings sex scenes where in the 1960’s James Bond books.
If you like rough and tumble close quarters military action, especially where terrorists drop like flies, and are not upset by equally rough and tumble sex, you will like Ghost.

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