Today’s book selection.

A Night in the Lonesome October by the late Roger Zelazny and illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Out of print, but a fun read to distract you a bit from the political season.

The story is told by Snuff, the watchdog of Jack. They are a part of a group of people, and their familiars, who gather when a full moon occurs on October 31. They are from two opposing sides, Openers and Closers, who will battle it out under the full moon.

The location, London. The time, the Victorian era. In addition to Jack and his hound, there is Mad Jill (a witch) and her black cat, the Doctor and his Monster, the Count and his bat, a mad Russian Monk and his snake, and a few more just to keep things interesting.

Watching over the whole thing is the Great Detective and his stout companion.

A fun read that help get you in the mood for Halloween.

The Monday Book Pick List.

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