Nancy Pelosi killed the bailout

She is the Speaker of the House. Head of the Majority party in the House.
The bailout bill could have passed if every single Republican in the House voted against it.

The bill was killed by the 95 democrats who voted against it.

This is a clear example of why congressional approval ratings are the lowest of all times.

democrat Nancy Pelosi is the Worst. Speaker. Ever.

Given the hyper-partisan speech she gave earlier today, it makes one wonder if she didn’t want the bill to fail.

Update: It’s official. The so-called “leader” of the democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi wanted the bill to fail.

What is really interesting is that while the bill was under discussion on the floor of the house, a democrat leader was on NPR saying how the democrats would use the failure of the bill against the Republicans in the upcoming elections. Yup, it looks more and more like the democrats were planning on screwing over the American people to make political points.

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