The adults at MSNBC reassert their authority

According to the NY Times, the two far left extremist “commentators” MSNBC has had “reporting” the political news have been pulled. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, both obviously and visibly deep in the tank for hard left liberal “Community Organizer” Barak Hussein Obama, will no longer be able to present their liberal extremist views as “News.”

MSNBC’s desperate attempt to lure kos kiddies to the tube has failed. They are still in last place in the ratings. In addition, they were having what was left of their reputation as a “news organization” trashed in process.

MSNBC claims to be politically neutral, but:

Mr. Olbermann, a 49-year-old former sportscaster, has become the face of the more aggressive MSNBC, and the lightning rod for much of the criticism. His program “Countdown,” now a liberal institution, was created by Mr. Olbermann in 2003 but it found its voice in his gnawing dissent regarding the Bush administration, often in the form of “special comment” segments.

A like-minded talk show will now follow “Countdown” at 9 p.m.: “The Rachel Maddow Show,” hosted by the liberal radio host, begins Monday.

The actual journalists at MSNBC are feeling the pain of MSNBC’s extreme leftist bias.

Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams, the past and present anchors of “NBC Nightly News,” have told friends and colleagues that they are finding it tougher and tougher to defend the cable arm of the news division, even while they anchored daytime hours of convention coverage on MSNBC and contributed commentary each evening.

Don’t expect radical changes and actual journalism to prevail at MSNBC though. This is just a little spin control while more people are paying attention to political news. Olbermann will still continue to spew during his 60 minute hate show.

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