Sarah Palin is the new Clinton

Not Hillary, but Bill. Bill was a Governor who used his executive experience to counter the “Washington Insider” experience of Senators he was running against.

Bill Clinton is no blue blood. Unlike the Bush, Kennedy and Gore families, the Clintons were not multi-generational Washington, D.C. political families. He came from a humble background and worked his way into government service at the state level.

I’m not a big fan of Bill Clinton’s politics, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Unlike Al Gore or John Kerry (and Barak Obama), Bill Clinton can walk into a doughnut shop shoot the breeze with the guy behind the counter. That ability to connect to the guy (or gal) with a lunch box in the “flyover states” is something that set him apart from President GHW Bush (and is one of things that gave President GW Bush his advantage over Gore and Kerry).

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has that ability to connect as well. Senator McCain also does, but not as much as she does. The Harvard Law School trained “Community Organizer” doesn’t. That is why he is actively avoiding the Town Hall debates with Senator McCain that have been attempted all summer. Joe Biden doesn’t have it either. He’s been a big government, high taxes, Big Brother democrat in Washington, D.C. for the past 30 years.

The word is that the Clintons are not going to join the DNC and the MSM in attacking Gov. Palin. Now Hillary has her reasons, she needs Obama to loose in order to run in 2012. Perhaps one of Bill’s reasons is that he see some himself in Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: The Hail Mary: A Play In One Ironic Act
HT to Tamara K.

Bonus Update: Actual facts about Sarah Palin rumors.

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