The democrats Big Lie

CNN parrots the democratsBig Lie” in this DNC press release they are trying to pass off as a “news story.”

The DNC is trying to pass off McCain as a “more of the same” Washington Insider. You know the type, democrat VP candidate Joe Biden is a perfect example. Biden has been in the Senate longer than McCain and is a loyal foot solider in the democrats plan for bigger government and higher taxes.

The so-called CNN “News Story” goes on to spout DNC propaganda by claiming that the Uber-partisan far left extremist Barak Obama will “he’ll cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families, provide affordable health care to every American, end the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas and eliminate the oil we import from the Middle East in 10 years.” The DNC mouthpiece left out that every child will get a pony as well. Rational thinking adults who pay attention remember that Obama has detailed plans to spend tens of billions of additional tax payer dollars and is really, really fuzzy on how he plans to pay for them (other than jacking taxes on productive, working Americans through the roof).

Here are some actual facts to counter balance the CNN/DNC propaganda piece.

Senator John McCain may not be much of a “Conservative”, but unlike the extremely partisan far left Barak Hussein Obama, he has a history of working bi-partisanly to get things done. That is something BO has never done in his political career.

Former “Community Organizer” Obama doesn’t have much of a record of actually fighting corruption either. His record in the Illinois state legislature consists mostly of voting “present.” Alaska Governor Sarah Palin however, has a solid record of fighting corruption, including rooting it out in her own party. The democrats record on that is extremely poor (Congress critter “Cold Cash” Jefferson is a prime example).

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